It has been a heck of every week for Bungie, which has now scored its third multi-million-dollar lawsuit win in opposition to a Future 2 cheat maker over a span of simply seven days. Per week in the past the studio gained $12 million in opposition to VeteranCheats, then on Monday it was $6.7 million in opposition to LaviCheats, and now it is notched a $16.2 million overcome Daniel Larsen, a developer whose downfall truly started a yr in the past, in Bungie’s $13.5 million settlement with cheat maker Elite Boss Tech.

(For these preserving rating at house, all the above follows a $4.4 million win over cheat mater AimJunkies in February. Bungie’s on a little bit of a roll.)

That settlement was reached in June 2022, however as Torrentfreak defined just a few months later, that wasn’t the top of it. A number of of the defendants within the case had solely been recognized by their on-line handles, and Bungie apparently needed to get its fingers on everybody. Because of cooperation from Elite Boss Tech proprietor Robert James Duthie Nelson, it was in a position to determine two pseudonymous defendants: One, Patrick Schaufuss, responded to Bungie’s try and make contact and agreed to cooperate within the case, however the different—Larsen—ignored the entire thing.

Bungie’s motion in opposition to Larsen has now resulted in mainly the identical means that its case in opposition to LaviCheats proprietor Kunal Bansal wrapped up earlier this week: With a giant default judgment. On Could 9, the courts granted Bungie an award $16.2 million, primarily based on:

  • $13,530,000 for violations of the DMCA
  • $300,000 for violations of the Copyright Act
  • $1,999,998 for violations of RICO
  • $267,887.10 in lawyer charges and $80,263.92 in prices

That is truly barely lower than Bungie requested, as a result of the courtroom decided that the studio is entitled to statutory damages, it isn’t entitled to precise damages primarily based on Larsen’s alleged income from the infringement as a result of the grievance doesn’t “present any foundation for the calculations one would possibly use to reach on the sums requested, significantly because the data comprise foreign exchange.”

“The Courtroom finds that Bungie has failed to satisfy its burden to offer admissible proof of precise damages and the Courtroom rejects the request to enter default judgment within the quantity requested,” the ruling (through Torrentfreak) states. “However Bungie has requested for $300,000, the utmost statutory award for Larsen’s willful infringement of its two copyrighted works. The Courtroom finds this request cheap, given the 2 alleged infringements and the willful nature of Larsen’s efforts to infringe on the copyrighted works.”

Even with that very slight discount within the award, it is nonetheless a hell of a pile of cash. Whether or not Bungie will truly be capable to acquire on any of it, I have no idea: Larsen lives in Denmark, which might make implementing the ruling somewhat tough. However extra vital than the cash (which, let’s be trustworthy, is a pittance in comparison with the Future money that Bungie pulls in and throws round), it sends a really robust message to different potential cheat builders that Bungie is not messing round.