Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition mission of “Bring Down The Sky” revolves around Asteroid x57, a metal asteroid that was supposed to be mined to use its resources to build an orbital port facility for Terra Nova. It was initially revolving around Borr’s orbit and then derailed into Terra Nova’s orbit due to the use of a fusion torch. However, something seems wrong because all communication from the engineering team has been lost. The three torches are rekindled and the asteroid is approaching Terra Nova at an ever-increasing speed. All you have is four hours to save the earth and prevent the asteroid from crashing into it.

Your goal is to extinguish the fusion torch to stop the acceleration of the asteroid x57. This asteroid is located in the Asguard system of the Exodus Cluster. A good way to accomplish this task easily is to have a strong team in battle. Upon arrival, you will find a dead body. Apparently, the victim G Mendel was beaten before being shot. Enter the small station there and check the station’s log. This is the first clue that can give you some insights. You will also find x2 Medi-Gel, so please keep it at the end of this quest.

How to Disable the First Fusion Torch on X57 Asteroid?

The next stop is the Fusion torch that is visible. Approach carefully and you will see 5 turrets surrounding the fusion torch, one of which is in the opposite direction to the other turrets. Their structure allows them to go underground. Therefore, you need to be at a medium distance to make these turrets show themselves. Only then can you remove them. We recommend that you first remove the turret that only faces in the opposite direction, so that you will no longer have to pay attention to attacks from one direction. If you are close enough to them, they are relatively easy to remove.

Bring Down The Sky

After putting them down, you will be able to enter the entrance console located between these turrets. When you enter, you will face the Batarian soldiers. Initially, they will launch three pet creatures on you, which are relatively easy to kill. You will kill 7 Batalian soldiers in this room. Once dead, enter the leftmost room. In the room on the right wall, you will find lockers that need to be covered manually or with 20 Omni Gel. This will give you vital loot.

Now go to the top floor of the building. On your left, you will find a room where you can turn off the torch. Simply interact with the melting torch and you can choose to replace it manually or use 25 Omni Gel to operate it. You may want to get the loot at the entrance of the room. This will start from the other end of the communicator and perform a cutscene with Kate Bowman. She is the engineer assigned to asteroid x57 and the first engineer to contact you.

After completion, go downstairs and you will meet Chief Engineer Simon Atwell. He will tell you the consequences of the fall of the asteroid X57 and warn you about the live explosion caps around the upcoming fusion torch. He will give you the task X57: Missing Engineer.

How to Disable the Second Fusion Torch on X57 Asteroid?

Enter your vehicle after dialogue and go to the transmission tower first. Repair the tower to obtain the locations of the engineers for the assignment of X57 engineers: missing. Now you can go to the next fusion torch. On your way, you will find another help station that can consult more information. You will also find another dead engineer there.

Once you approach the second fusion tower, you will get a warning that will make you leave the vehicle and approach on foot. There will be three turrets that you can take out using your vehicle. Once you leave your vehicle and cross the line of yellow torches, you will be ambushed by some enemies.

Use a long-range weapon to eliminate these enemies before moving forward. It will be useful to have an active shield at this point as well. We suggest that you do not move much while taking them and be stationary. Once they are dead, they advance more. They will keep spawning in short periods of time.

You will see a row of live mining caps, and once you get close to them, they will start beeping. There will be a proximity detection bar in the lower right corner of the screen, and as you approach, the bar will begin to move upward. If the railing is full, the mine will explode and you will die.

First knock down the attacking enemy, and then use the two boxes on the right as anchor points. You should be able to get them without detonating any mines. Once these have passed, there will be two more boxes in front of them. Use them as a second anchor point and go straight to them. You can also use them as a cover for enemies. From there, entering the console should be easy. Go straight to the door to disarm the detonator.

After entering the building, the “Rocket Drone” and the “Batarian Troopers” will ambush you together, of which there are about 7 of them. After eliminating them, collect the loot from the first level. Then go to the second level and deactivate the second torch. The only difference is that here you will also find some enemies on the second level. At this point, Kate will contact you again to inform you that the enemy may blow up the entire facility. Kate is interrupted at this point, a cutscene is played, and the Batarian captures her and kills her crew. After that, return to your vehicle and reach your final destination to the third Fusion torch.

How to Disable the Third Fusion Torch on X57 Asteroid?

When you approach the third fusion torch, you will once again face the 4 turrets that protect it. Put them down and enter the room. There, you will face to face with 7 other enemies and their pets. Put them down too, collect the loot from the base layer, and then go to the upper layer. Here, when you try to deactivate the torch, you will not be able to do so. Therefore, you will have to try again until it is successfully aborted. Once down the mountain, you will face-to-face with Charn and his men. Here, you must make a decision.

You will have two options, you can kill him peacefully or launch an attack. If you go peacefully, you will propose to Charn to destroy his superior Balak and make him the one in command. He will agree to this and live in peace. If you do not do things peacefully, then not only will you have to face the Churn, but he will also call for more troopers and you will be outnumbered.

Then, you will head to the main facility, where you will find soldiers and soldiers drowned in Balak. You will find them in grenade boxes and rescue stations. Once you enter this place, you will endure as hard as two other situations, but there are more enemies than before.