Unlocking and upgrading Shelia isn’t all that difficult.

BMI Sword
Image via FYQD Studio/PLAYISM

If there’s one thing that FYQD Studio’s FPS title, Bright Memory: Infinite does right, it’s the upgrade system for weapons and abilities. Similar to the game as a whole, it’s a slimmed-down mechanic that does its job perfectly without too many frills. The upgrading system has just enough things to play around with without it feeling like a hassle to try and pin down exactly what you have to do in order to unlock and upgrade exactly what you want. Today, we’ll explain how to upgrade your weapons and abilities in Bright Memory: Infinite.

BMI Skills

Bright Memory: Infinite has one of the best upgrading systems within a new game, in my opinion. A lot of games these days offer a lot of skills to upgrade, too many in some cases which can make it feel like a chore just to understand how to improve your character’s abilities. Luckily, there’s not too much that has to be upgraded or unlocked and it’s extremely easy to do it. Let’s get into it and break it down.

Before getting into how to actually go about upgrading abilities, it’s important to know exactly what’s used to unlock them. Throughout each level in Bright Memory: Infinite, there are things called Relics which you can pick up and serve as points that can be used in order to unlock abilities and then upgrade them. These Relics are pretty easy to find as they’re little Jade-colored statues. Each one has a value of 1 point, so it’s best to build up a few before trying to unlock/upgrade anything.

  • Once you have a few Relics, go ahead and head into the skills menu. On a controller, this can be brought up with the option button on the left side of your controller. Once in it, you’ll have 3 sections to choose from; Exo Unit Arm, Light Blade, and Weapon.
  • Each one of these sections features different aspects of your character that can be unlocked and upgraded. Exo Unit arm applies to the abilities that Shelia can use with things to unlock such as EMP, Tractor Beam, Shock Punch, and Quake Punch, Light Blade applies to the combos and attacks her melee weapon can do, and Weapon is for the strength of which the special ammo that weapons use has against enemies.
  • Aside from special ammo, none of these abilities can be used until you have enough Relics to unlock them. Once unlocked, each ability can actually be upgraded up to 3 times, making them better overall. Like with unlocking, upgrades each have a specific number of Relics needed for purchasing them, effectively getting more expensive as they’re upgraded.
  • It’s also worth pointing out that there are some ways to farm Relics such as through exploiting respawns in the game or just simply starting a level over. This can effectively help you gain your unlocks and upgrades even faster!

That’s all there is to it though, and now you know how to upgrade weapons and abilities in Bright Memory: Infinite! It’s a great bite-sized game that certainly offers some great gameplay during its short runtime.

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