Boyfriend Dungeon
Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon mainly revolves around dialogue choices and battles that take place in the Dunjs to help improve your character and relationship status. There are only some puzzles in the game out of which solving a phone number riddle is one of them to unlock a character.

If you want to reach this point, you must continue to progress the story until after your cousin Jesse BBQ. After finishing, you can browse the map and find a new point of interest in the upper right corner, a mysterious mansion.

When you approach the mansion, Rowan and his pet crow will greet you politely. Soon after this encounter, a piece of paper will be placed on your window. This is the beginning of the phone number puzzle.

When you receive the phone number puzzle in Boyfriend Dungeon, three different options are provided and you are asked to choose the correct one without the context of the correct answer.

But there is a secrert none of these options are the right answers. After few dates or several levels in one of Dunj, you will return home and have the option to enter three numbers to complete the series of phone numbers.

The correct answer is 2 0 7. Once you enter this on the phone, Rowan will respond and congratulate you for solving the puzzle. Now you can also date with them.