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Borderlands 3

Zane is a retired assassin, but not really professional. She has a soft spot for jovial plain eyeliner (and equally interesting long, disorganized eyeliner). Due to his unique use of two abilities, Zane is probably the most flexible and versatile “Borderlands 3” character once action skills (although you will have to sacrifice your own grenade for this).

Zane skill tree & action skills explained

  • Barrier (Under Cover skill tree) – Deployable barriers that can block incoming projectiles are placed. Zane and his allies can fire through the barrier, dealing increased firearm damage. Pressing “F” or “G” when the barrier is active (default) will raise and hold the barrier, but its size and reward will be reduced (24 second cooldown).
  • Digi-Clone (Doubled Agent Skill Tree): Spawn Zane’s Digi-Clone. The clone remains in place, but will distract the enemy and shoot him. Pressing “F” or “G” (default) while “clone” is active will cause Zane and the clone to swap positions (cooldown is 28 seconds).
  • SNTNL (Hitman Skill Tree) – Send an autonomous SNTNL drone into battle, constantly flying in the environment and attacking the enemy with machine guns. Pressing “F” or “G” (default) while SNTNL is active will cause it to attack the enemy under Zane’s sights (with a 60 second cooldown if there is one).

Zane playstyles – strengths & weaknesses

For the assassin, unexpectedly, Zane has the ability to become the fattest Vault Hunter out there, especially if you focus on his Under Cover skill tree. It also provides the most flexibility to date. In each match, you can use two movement techniques at the same time, not just one, which really opens up new possibilities for each encounter.

Zane’s only real downside is any particularly versatile character in traditional balanced games – when it comes to buildings that are heavily focused on one particular thing (a gunshot wound, for example), Zane is rarely able to match the potential. of other characters. You can still become a full OP like everyone else. He just can’t be the best in one respect.

Zane builds – skill tree planner & builds tool

Every character in Borderlands 3 is very flexible when it comes to construction, but Zane puts them all to shame with his “two skills at the same time” rule. If you’d like to get started planning your own build, check out Borderlands 3 Zane’s Official Build Planner.