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Borderlands 3

Next up is Beastmaster FL4K, which seems to be the most popular choice among all four Borderlands 3 characters. Not only can they shoot with any weapon, but they also have a strong loyalty to three pets and can put one of them into battle at the top. time to provide much-needed support, aggression, and companionship.


  • Jabber Sidekick (Stalker Skill Tree) -FL4K teams up with a loyal sidekick of Jabber (armed with a pistol). Accompanied by Jabber, FL4K’s movement speed has increased. Sending an attack order will cause the bayonet to drop a radiant barrel at the enemy.
  • Spider Centurion (Hunter Skill Tree) – A faithful spider companion has joined FL4K, causing FL4K to continually regenerate health. Sending an attack command will cause the spider worm to rush towards the enemy.
  • Guard Skag (Master Skill Tree) – A faithful companion of Scarlett joins FL4K, increasing FL4K’s damage. Sending an attack command will make the Guard Skag spit acid at the enemy.

Action Skills:

  • Fading (Stalker Skill Tree) – FL4K cape, turning invisible. When in disguise, FL4K can fire 3 bullets, with each bullet automatically becoming a critical hit. When invisible, FL4K can increase movement speed and health regeneration (cooldown is 45 seconds).
  • Rakk attack! (Hunter Skill Tree) -FL4K sends 2 Rakks to the enemy for dive bomb attacks. This ability has multiple charges (cooldown is 18 seconds).
  • Gamma Burst (Master Skill Tree) -FL4K creates a rift at the target location, teleports pets through the rift, and deals radiation damage to nearby enemies. Additionally, FL4K pets will be irradiated when attacked, grow larger and cause additional radiation damage. Using Gamma Burst when a pet in FL4K falls or dies can restore the pet’s health at the target location and increase its health by 30%, but will double the cooldown of Action Skills (30s).

FL4K playstyles – strengths & weaknesses

Due to its trio of loyal and terrifying pets, FL4K is the obvious choice for single player games, but they can easily join any team as well. FL4K’s focus is heavy weapon damage, not to mention the fatal blow from a severe hit if properly upgraded. FL4K can make any weapon, especially Jacobs’ weapon, can definitely sing a weapon of death and destruction.

To counteract this massive damage potential, the pets can get a little clunky and annoying by all accounts, and in some fights they’re downright useless, so you can’t rely upon their help.

FL4K builds – skill tree planner & builds tool

If you’d like to start planning your own FL4K build, check out the Official Borderlands 3 FL4K Build Planner. You can use this tool to easily plan your way through FL4K ‘s skill tree and assign points where you see fit to make the most of FL4K’s armoury