Bohemia has a brand new RTS coming, however it’s not simply an RTS. Silica is a brand new “RTS/FPS crossover game” springing onto Steam early entry from the Bohemia Incubator, the part of the corporate devoted to indie titles and “experimental video games”.

Silica takes place on Baltarus, a planet far past strolling distance from Earth, and sees you play “both as a Commander in RTS mode, or as an Infantry soldier who will get to manage all models and automobiles together with their arsenal in FPS [mode]”. It was “largely developed” by Martin Melichárek, the lead dev on Bohemia’s Take On Mars.

The game is cut up between its “infantry” and “commander” roles, which appears like a distinct method of claiming ‘FPS’ and ‘RTS’ to me. Maybe there’s a greater comparability, however it jogs my memory of the Battlezone video games, which noticed you do all types of RTS-style constructing placement and squad administration from the confines of a cockpit, though it appears like Silica will extra firmly separate the 2 playstyles.

In infantry mode, you play as some poor starship trooper as he battles the alien menace right there on the bottom, although you’ll be able to a minimum of pilot your faction’s varied automobiles to make your life a little bit simpler. Enjoying because the aliens on this mode is a little bit completely different, letting you “shift your consciousness between creatures such because the stealthy Crab, the nimble Hunter, or the armored Goliath”.

The commander position, in the meantime, turns the entire thing right into a extra simple RTS: Your job is to concern orders whereas constructing and putting constructions that spit out extra hapless troops to ship into the meat grinder.

Truthfully? It appears like humanity is perhaps the jerks on this scenario. The 2 human factions are on Baltarus to reap Balterium, a marvel crystal able to satisfying human power wants for hundreds of years to return, however I get the impression the aliens are the planet’s native inhabitants. I really feel like possibly the aliens have a degree concerning the normal uncoolness of humanity turning as much as their planet and strip mining it at gunpoint.

Silica says it can have three modes when it hits early entry, however one among them is a tutorial. They’re referred to as Technique, Prospector, and Area. Prospector is the tutorial mode and Technique is strictly what you suppose it’s, a standard brawl between as much as three factions that “combines each RTS and FPS parts”. 

I am type of curious if the game’s multiplayer will permit for one participant to make use of the FPS mode whereas their opponent performs RTS. That sounds prefer it’d be fairly arduous to stability, however the notion of a participant character storming by means of an RTS-mode participant’s legions whereas they give the impression of being on helplessly appears very humorous to me, so I hope it really works.

Area mode, in the meantime, is “a enjoyable and loopy setting where gamers choose their favourite unit and face off in an unbalanced FPS free-for-all”.

Silica will launch in Steam early entry “quickly,” and keep there for round a 12 months. For those who’re , you’ll be able to comply with its progress over on the Silica Steam web page.