Roblox Bloxburg has received a new school update in which you may pass an exam and get a new trophy. However, some of the questions, such as how many benches are in Bloxburg, the name of the holiday elf, the price of a bloxy lunch, the population of Bloxburg, and so on, appear to be really difficult. But don’t worry, we’ll share all of the Bloxburg School Test Answers Cheat Sheet with you today so you can easily pass and obtain that School Trophy. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Bloxburg School Test Answers (Cheat Sheet)

Thanks to a comment by ItsAlexx, here are all the Bloxburg School Test Answers (Cheat Sheet):

  • Calculate 5 – 8 + 4: – 1
  • Calculate 6 * 7 / 2: – 21
  • How deep is the Bloxburg cave? – Too deep
  • How long is the Bloxburg highway? – Too long
  • How many benches are in Bloxburg? – Too many
  • How many bricks are on city hall? – 3000
  • How many food items are on the shelves of BFF? – 5
  • How many hair product bottles are at Stylez? – 88
  • How many mailboxes are in Bloxburg? – 12
  • How many materials can be mined in the Bloxburg cave? – 5
  • How many parking spots are available in the parking garage? – 82
  • How many planks of wood are at Lovely Lumber? – 2000
  • How many species of fish can be caught via fishing? – 5
  • How many sprinkles are on Ben’s Ice Cream? – 51
  • How many street lights are in Bloxburg? – 51
  • How many trees are on the map? – Too many
  • How much water is in the river? – Too much
  • How tall is the Bloxburg mountain? – Too tall
  • Spell ‘Bloxburg’ backward: – grubxolb
  • What is the circumference of the beach Ferris wheel? –
  • What is the name of the holiday elf? – Elf
  • What is the number of treadmills in the gym? – 12
  • What is the population of Bloxburg? – 50
  • What is the price of a Bloxy Meal? – 8
  • What is the price of an oil change at Mike’s Motors? – Free
  • What planet is the Observatory telescope viewing currently? – Moon
  • What year was Bloxburg released? – 2014