Blooket Rainbow Panda | How to get

Blooket is an excellent tool for assisting kids to learn and keeping them involved in the classroom through exciting review video games. Amassing various Blooks is one of the most exciting aspects of the game. Blooks are unique participant avatars that may be obtained in-game by spending certain in-game tokens on containers containing various Blooks. Rainbow Panda is an ultra-rare Chroma Blook that is one of those Blooks.

Obtaining the Rainbow Panda

When players correctly answer questions and win rounds, they receive in-game tokens. The Rainbow Panda is enclosed in a field known as the Safari Box, which costs 25 in-game tokens to access. The Rainbow Panda is a Chroma Blook, which means it has a.02 percent chance of appearing in the Safari Box. Almost certainly, gamers that own this Blook will want to show it off, but even if they don’t, the Blook may be purchased for 300 in-game tokens.

There are many various Blooks ready to be found

There are a variety of containers that may store a wide range of unusual and exciting Blooks. There are also special occasions with limited duration Blooks, such as the Lovely Frog, which was available for a 24 hour in-game event on Valentine’s Day.