Embers of Neltharion, the primary large update to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, has introduced a brand new zone, raid, and dungeons to Blizzard’s long-running MMO, and naturally an entire bunch of latest and fascinating gadgets—one among which requires a really previous and uninteresting merchandise to amass.

As Starym on the Icy Veins discussion board (through GamesRadar) explains it, there is a Blazing Shadowflame chest situated at coordinates 28.8, 47.5 of the brand new Zaralek Cavern zone. The issue is that the Shadowflames surrounding the chest can’t be bypassed except you have got an Onyxia Scale Cloak. And the issue with that’s that the Onyxia Scale Cloak is an merchandise from Vanilla (learn: previous) WoW, and never many individuals have saved one mendacity round.

That, predictably, led to a surge in demand for related crafting supplies, and a commensurate spike in costs for stated supplies. “Because of a not too long ago found secret requiring an previous cloak, farmed substances for the cloak which incorporates scale of Onyxia is now going over 10,000x what it was final week,” redditor tomytronics wrote. “If you happen to acquired any within the financial institution, promote em earlier than the demand dies down.”

However even crafting these cloaks is a problem, as a result of they will solely be made by Leatherworkers with 300 ability factors in Basic Leatherworking. So in fact unbound cloaks are additionally very immediately sizzling gadgets on the public sale block. The costs differ wildly from server to server: Redditor adura_grounded stated they record at 20,000 gold on their server “and so they’re promoting,” whereas Alternative_rule_958 stated they’ve 11 of them listed on their public sale home for simply 9,000 gold, and so they’re not moving.

As tomytronics predicted, demand (and pricing) has reportedly dropped considerably since phrase of this new merchandise acquired out, nevertheless it looks like there’s nonetheless cash to be made. “There have been none on the AH on my server yesterday, put one up for 100k not anticipating anybody to really purchase it nevertheless it did promote!” redditor Little_Leafling wrote. “Now there are a couple of extra up for 40k.”

“Offered 1 for 25k yesterday and when that bought so simply I made two extra, each bought for 40k,” Nijrem wrote. “Wouldn’t say it’s price it however I gained’t complain.”

And even for individuals who missed the market when it was sizzling, the preliminary funding is low sufficient that it is easy to show a revenue: Alternative_Rule_958 stated that although his cloaks aren’t precisely promoting like hotcakes, “I solely must promote one to double my funding into making all of them.”

And what is the large reward for all this expense and horsing round? A Blazing Shadowflame Cinder, a toy that wraps the participant within the Shadowflame impact—however solely as a beauty—for 10 minutes. Hey, it appears fairly cool.