The new weekly challenge on Bitlife is the “Real Housewives Challenge”. Faced with this challenge, Bitlife has done a good job in stereotypes. So let us learn how to reach the highest level of social circles with the help of this guide.

  • Be a female character in Bitlife.
  • Marry a rich partner.
  • Have more than three female friends and make them as your enemy.
  • Attend a party with someone you started a rumor.
  • Develop any kind of addiction.
  • Own a Range Rover from the car dealership.

The first important step is to make sure you create a female character because it’s the ‘Housewife Challenge’.

The next step now is to marry a rich man. Go to the “relationship” tab and look for money statistics. Green means that the person has a truck full of money. Please note that throughout the dating process, you must use gifts to attract each other. In the end, you can eliminate them, or you can propose to them at an appropriate time.

The next is a classic page out of the Mean Girls textbook. Make sure you have more than 3 friends. Once they become your friends, take hostile actions against them and make them your enemies.

In the next action, you will have to start rumoring someone. You can do this via the “Rumor” option in the “Relations” tab. After that, select the party option and go to the party with the person you started the rumor about

To become addicted, all you have to do is drink too many drinks and drugs in the club or even gamble. For the last part, you must be an idyllic football soccer mom and get a Range Rover for your Starbucks Run. To do this, go to the car dealer option and buy a vehicle from the dealer.

If all these tasks are performed in this order, the “Real Housewives Challenge” will be completed..