BitLife – Life Simulator
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BitLife – Life Simulator lets you create your own virtual life in a fun and interesting way. Released for the mobile platform, the game features a text-based system to simulate your life. Whether it’s becoming a millionaire of failing in your career, BitLife has an accurate way of introducing fun yet pessimistic humor to the players.

While the life simulator sounds simple to play, there are many decision-making aspects which make it a tricky game to succeed in. The game runs on certain attributes. These are happiness, health, smarts and looks. Every decision you make affects attributes and simulates your life accordingly. We have brought a comprehensive guide, including tips and tricks to help you in the game.

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Tips & Tricks in BitLife – Life Simulator

Make choices wisely

Each decision you make alters the attributes of your character and shapes your virtual life. Making the right choices is extremely important in BitLife. It is best to take time and decide on making choices in the game. Also, remember the choices you made and how it turned out. This will help you grasp how the game works. While it’s good to think about choices, remember to enjoy the game.

Check your activities

BitLife – Life Simulator offers different activities to perform. You may have certain activities unlocked, which will help boost your attributes. You can work on self improvement, go clubbing, go to movies or even get a haircut. Engaging in activities will affect your simulation significantly in a positive or negative way.

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Career and money

While choices and activities are important, money is an integral part of BitLife. If you want a successful life in the game, make sure to consider good career options. There are a plethora of options to choose from, like Computer Programmer, Financial Analyst, Insurance Agent and more. Just like real life some career options offer way more income than others. However, remember a lot of jobs require some qualifications and a greater level of education.

There are other ways to earn money as well, including gambling and buying lottery tickets. While they can be inconsistent, a jackpot can help you make a fortune.

You can also find heirlooms in the attic. Every 24 hours, items pop up in the attic. Use a flashlight to search for these items. You can find rare and expensive items occasionally and these can sell for a good amount of cash.

There you go. Some useful tips for you to start the game on a positive note and hopefully simulate a successful virtual life.