When Deathloop was delayed, the list of action games I was looking forward to this month was hugely popular, but luckily the action RPG Biomutant is still going. I’m worried I’ve screwed it up now, but today’s new game and character creator video makes me feel confident that Expreiment 101 aren’t going to pull a emergency delay. Biomutant still looks stylish and will launch later this month.

That’s 11 minutes of playing time, so there are many things to pick out. If you’re unfamiliar with Biomutant, you’ll see some match-based action battles, weapon customization, at least a little puzzle, open-world exploration, and some large-scale enemy battles. As you swing the gun, there’s still some slow-motion bullet time.

My immediate impression is that Biomutant still looks great. It’s a colorful post-apocalyptic book with a lovely lawn, detailed setting, and beautiful skins of all martial arts cats. There is no doubt that Experiment 101 also showed some game’s photo mode from the game near the end of the video.

You can also capture a large number of mounts used throughout the video. In different locations, you can find the player on a speedboat, possibly a large fox, a bat, and a real pilot of machine. GI explained that certain vehicles or armor can help you explore different areas, such as radioactive biomes.

I particularly like the colorful and comical quality of the interface, including the hilarious onomatopoeia exclamation mark in battle. These weapons are also a bit ridiculous, we have seen them in the past. I definitely remember seeing a huge toothbrush. This particular video shows a miniboss shaking the toilet on a stick like a club.

Biomutant is launching on May 25th over on Steam and will also be available on PS4 and Xbox One.