The moral system in the game is often unpredictable. For a specific action process, they often fall on the extremes of the railroad player, or almost have no relationship at all. Fortunately, Biomutant’s aura system is somewhere in between, because the player’s choice between light and dark will affect the game in some way, but it is forgiving enough that it can be revoked. This is all the players need to know when choosing to play the role of the light blue halo or the more sinister dark red halo.

The game itself can explain that Crimson is not necessarily bad, but it is more selfish. Likewise, the light blue halo does not always indicate the best option, but can help others around the player. If Biomutant players are looking for a particular halo during the game, it is important to keep this in mind.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the aura of light and darkness does not affect the ending of the story or any significant meaning, so players who are worried about ruining the story or ending badly can end these fears. If the player goes too far in one way or another, some NPCs will refuse to speak to them or comment on their morals, but this rarely excludes the player from the sidelines. In this regard, players should play the game as much as they want.

As far as gameplay is concerned, the main way the player’s aura affects things is through Psi points. These are mainly unlocked by finding the Psi Shrine, and they will reward players with Psi points based on their halo. Some functions can only be unlocked with bright or dark Psi points, but even these will not be lost.

Players who have always played the role of the light blue halo, if they really want the dark red halo Psi ability, can obtain it by changing their aura to dark. This will not cause them to lose any light ability, and when they gain the dark ability, the player may even go back.

Because of this fluidity, players are really free to choose what they want when it comes to bright or dark side options. For those who want to aim at a specific side, many players seem to think that the dialog options on the left indicate dark options, and the dialog options on the right indicate light options, but this is not always the case.