No one can deny that Biomutant hides many interesting unlockable objects in the farthest corners of its land. Many players even complete the game without knowing that there is an airship that can be summoned and driven at any time. This page will show you how to unlock the Biomutant Gullblimp, and how to use it to reach areas of the map that were otherwise inaccessible.

To unlock the Biomutant aircraft Gullblimp, you must find Lobo and chat with him, who lives in Kluppy Dunes, the northernmost desert biome on the map. Lobo is trying to get a blimp working which will take him to the skies and allow you to do the same, but like all other characters in the game, it requires you to do something to provide what you want.

Lobo can be found in Blimpstation(located south of the Kluppy dunes). It is located just south of the Bio-Nucleus power plant in the center of the biome.

Biomutant Lobo quests

Talk to Lobo and she will take you on a journey to the south, bringing home a mechanical dog named Frankendog. It’s easy to find Frankendog at the top of the tower. After that, you must take the dog back to Lobo. You cannot return quickly because the dog will not follow you, so you must do so in the longest way.

Afterwards, Lobo will tell you that she needs a “tiedown” from the shipwreck in the north. Go there, use ropes to climb the wreckage, and then complete the rotating puzzle to retrieve the “tiedown”, which turned out to be an anchor.

Return to Lobo (this time you can fast travel ), Gullblimp will be unlocked, so you can summon it and use it like other mounts anytime in the Kluppy dunes. You can use the move keys to manipulate Gullblimp, and you can choose to anchor the Gullblimp and place it on the ground at any time. Gullblimp is the only way to reach the northernmost islands on the map, so enjoy exploring them!