Biomutant have a very detailed character creation process. You can select the character’s category, race, attributes and resistance and the physical characteristics of the character in the Biomutant . Attributes become a key part of the character, because they will directly affect the pros and cons of the character.

There are 6 main attributes, of which there are more than 10 distributed attributes. Any changes to the primary attributes will directly affect the secondary attributes and characters. Let’s see which attribute you should choose for your role in Biomutant.

Initially, all attributes have 28 points, and these points will not change with the changes you make. You will get 150 points to be allocated to 6 attributes, and each attribute must have at least 10 points. This means that you can assign 6 attributes between 90 points without an upper limit. Let’s delve into each attribute.

Vitality Attribute In Biomutant

It directly affects the character’s health and the number of blows you can withstand. Higher vitality will bring you more health, while lower vitality will reduce your overall health. The health value also contains the armor attribute, but it is not directly affected by the points that give the health value characteristics. The armor properties are only affected by the armor you own.

Strength Attribute In Biomutant

Strength will directly affect your melee damage, but considering the fighting style of the game, this is not very important. Adding points to this attribute will only increase melee damage, but no other effects. This makes it an attribute that you should not give points. If you just want to focus on melee damage, you can score here, but otherwise it won’t work. Make sure to check the level and race of the character. If your character is a close-range or melee character, please add points to this attribute; otherwise, no.

Intellect Attribute In Biomutant

Intelligence is one of the most important attributes, because it will directly affect your power, Ki energy and energy Regen. Excellent intelligence will increase the Psi-powers and the mutations. Intelligence also affects Ki energy, just like stamina in Biomutant. Ki Energy is needed to dodge attacks and use special attacks and psychic abilities. High intelligence will increase the maximum limit of Ki energy. Intelligence also affects the recovery speed of the Ki energy bar. This attribute is the most important and should be given the highest priority.

Charisma Attribute In Biomutant

Charisma directly affects your barter stat, which is very useful when you buy or sell items in the game. Increased charisma will help you to buy goods at cheaper prices and get huge profits when selling items to NPCs. This attribute only affects your negotiation skills, so don’t give it a high priority.

Agility Attribute In Biomutant

This attribute directly affects the movement speed of the character. Not only does the movement speed make it difficult to be hit, but it also affects the possible damage your weapon can cause. If you are a melee fighter or a long-range fighter, the speed of movement is important for moving away from or approaching the enemy.

Luck Attribute In Biomutant

This is an attribute that cannot be changed during role creation. Luck directly affects the character’s crit chance and Loot chance statistics. Although you can’t change the attributes, you can always get items that increase Luck’s attributes (as well as armor and vitality).