Bricktown is a place that players can explore in the early stages of Biomutant and indeed many collectibles can be found. More specifically, Bricktown is home to three “old world” gadgets and one “exquisite loot”, but tracking all these items can be a bit difficult. For fans who may not be able to achieve one or more of Biomutant’s Bricktown area goals, this guide details all their locations.

Please note that players must solve a series of puzzles to collect old world gadgets in Bricktown. Although fans should be quite familiar with Biomutant’s rotating puzzles, it is worth mentioning that they are solved by placing the same colors together. Therefore, the player must manipulate the movable parts of the puzzle so that the white mark is close to the white mark and the orange mark is close to the orange mark.

Biomutant: Bricktown Superb Loot Locations

Near the center of Bricktown, there is a cow on the exterior sign of a shop, and Superb Loot can be found in the shop right next to it on the left. It is located in the filing cabinet on the ground floor, approximately at coordinates 9012, 10594.

Biomutant: Bricktown Old World Gadget Locations

  • The first old world gadget in Bricktown is one of the Biomutant’s Fry-Sparkers,, and is very close to the Superb Loot. In fact, players should simply climb the stairs next to the filing cabinet mentioned above, and will find a microwave in a small kitchen on the second floor.
  • This collectible can be found at the laundromat in the northeast corner of Bricktown. Its rough coordinates are 12387 and 1812. Players need to find a washing machine. In this new open world RPG, the washing machine is called Clothes-Soaker with the lid closed.
  • The last old world device can be found in the underground area, and Biomutant player can enter the position close to the coordinates 6887 and 11250. From this position, fans only need to enter the building with the blue square wallpaper, walk down the internal ramp and open the door. This will show a flush stool that players can interact with.

The last thing to mention is that these are probably some of the first Old World Gadgets that fans encounter. This means that many players will activate a series of Biomutant side missions when they visit Bricktown’s area objectives. However, these tasks are not meant to be completed as soon as they are received, but are cleared by the enthusiast while continuing to travel.