When designing characters, Biomutant’s character creation system provides you with many options. We will introduce everything below, but we will pay special attention to which is the best class in Biomutant, because the course you choose also gives you a unique set of privileges that can only be learned after the game starts.

Let’s first go through the list of classes with their perks-

Dead-Eye Biomutant class

The Dead-Eye is equipped with a two-handed sword and pistol, and bonus to critical hit chance. They also start with the Perfect Reload perk (a perk that applies to all character classes), which does the following:

Perfect Reload-Your ranged weapon will be reloaded immediately, and the next magazine will take +20% damage. Dead-Eye’s specific perks covers several different long-range combat styles, making it very flexible, but lacks the ability to hone specific skillset.

  • Crackshot (costs 1): +20% damage with non-automatic rifles.
  • Quickload (costs 1): -25% reload time for ranged weapons.
  • Sniper (costs 2, requires level 7): +10% crit chance with non-automatic weapons.
  • Gunslinger (costs 2, requires level 7): +20% fire rate with dual-wielded ranged weapons.
  • Sharpshooter (costs 3, requires level 15): Two-handed Guns inflict double damage.

Commando Biomutant class

The Commando begins with an automatic rifle and one-handed melee weapon. Their critical strike chance does not gain any bonus, which makes them get the lowest basic critical strike chance together with Psi-Freak. The perk tree of the commando is quite balanced, but it is biased towards close combat, with higher damage and survivability, especially when your “health is low”.

  • Fury (starting perk): Ranged weapon attacks inflict 10% more damage to the target.
  • Stimulus (costs 1): +20% melee damage and armor while below 20% health.
  • Adrenaline (costs 1): +10% melee attack speed while below 20% health.
  • Shock (costs 2, requires level 7): Shotgun hits have a 5% chance to Stun a small enemy per hit inflicted.
  • Brutality (costs 3, requires level 15): +10% critical damage with ranged attacks.

Psi-Freak Biomutant class

Psi-Freak starts with a basic pistol and a pair of “spark gloves”. They are categorized as two-handed weapons, but are actually two one-handed weapons that can quickly carry out electrified attacks. They can also use the sparkball feature as early as possible, which allows you to fire balls of destructive electricity at the enemy.

However, like Commando, Psi-Freak’s basic crit damage is the lowest of all categories. Psi-Freak privileges are heavily focused on the ability to cause power damage to attack, allowing you to increase their power and even heal yourself when they damage the enemy.

  • Megamind (starting perk): +20% Ki-Energy regen.
  • Nocturnal (costs 1): +10 Intellect at night.
  • Mind Melt (costs 1): +10% critical hit chance with Power Damage ability attacks.
  • Psi Spikes (costs 2, requires level 7): +10% damage with Power Damage attacks.
  • Brain Drain (costs 3, requires level 15): Attacks that inflict Power Damage regenerate your Health by 20%.

Saboteur Biomutant class

The saboteur class will initially equip you with two one-handed melee weapons and the ability to dual-wield melee weapons. You will also get the usual starting pistol and the highest critical strike chance bonus, which is very effective for quick strike weapons like the Jagni Tribe’s Staff Tribe weapon. The perks of the saboteur are mainly focused on agility and dodge, which makes it difficult for enemies to hit you.

  • Hypergenetic (starting perk): -20% dodge energy cost.
  • Reflexes (costs 1): 10% chance to dodge enemy weapon based ranged attacks.
  • Agile (costs 2, requires level 7): +20% dodge distance.
  • Moving Target (costs 2, requires level 7): +5% move speed while in combat.
  • Evasive (costs 3, requires level 15): +20% armor while dodging or in the air.

Sentinel Biomutant class

The Sentinel starts with a two-handed “crush” melee weapon and a pistol, and gains a medium bonus to the critical strike chance, making him second only to the Saboteur in this statistic. Even if you engage in close combat with multiple enemies at once, you can maintain vitality and strength.

  • Toughness (starting perk): +10 armor. Medic (costs 1): +10% health regen.
  • Ricochet (costs 2, requires level 7): 10% chance for enemy weapon-based ranged attack to ricochet back and harm the attacker.
  • Invincibility (costs 2, requires level 7): +20% melee damage and armor while at full health.
  • Knock (costs 3, requires level 15): Dodging into a smaller enemy makes them stumble and fall.

Best class in Biomutant

In my opinion, the best class of Biomutant are Saboteur. They get huge rewards for critical hit chance (equivalent of several level-ups and luck stat increases), which is very useful for quickly hitting melee and ranged weapons; the unique privileges of saboteurs make you more agile and able to dodge attacks, which really makes you feel like an untouchable badass.