Biomutant is absolutely full of things. It is full of cool features, enemies, weapons, loot, and locations that can be found, so that it seems a bit overwhelming. These Biomutant tips and tricks can help you use Experiment 101’s new open world RPG and provide you with the tools you need to truly enjoy the game while making you powerful.

Don’t stress on creating the perfect character

Biomutant has an in-depth character creation system, but the truth is, you don’t have to worry too much about creating the perfect character. You will not be restricted by your choices, so you can change your character and attributes in almost any way during the game.

You can even change your appearance in Biomutant in a few specific locations. The only important thing is that you choose the class, because each class can give you a unique treatment.

Unlock movement and travel abilities early on

There is fast travel in Biomutant, which is very forgiving and flexible. You can even leave the danger zone quickly while suffering environmental damage, which may save your life in a short period of time. But by far the most interesting option is to unlock all the different mobility and travel features available in Biomutant.

If I were you, I would also save my Bio points and unlock the Turtleform, which is an incredible movement ability that can be Let you slide down the hill at high speed. There are also various creatures that can be tamed and used as mounts to help you move. All mounts have the same speed, so choose the mount you like best!

Experiment with every weapon types

There are many different types of weapons in Biomutant, each of which provides you with a set of different combos for use in combat. You can use the blade with one or two hands, your can dual-wield, you can use huge hammers and clubs, and you can use a variety of long-range weapons at the same time, from pistols and rifles to automatic weapons.

Each of these six biological mutant tribes has its own unique tribal weapons, and each weapon has its own combo suit and fighting style. So, make sure to complete tribal missions and unlock different tribal weapons to see which weapon you like best.

Craft and upgrade your weapons and armour

During the journey, there is a Biomutant coin (called a “green” coin) to meet and trade with many suppliers, but most of the time, when you can create and upgrade what you need, there is nothing worth buying. If you don’t like the look of the gear, then don’t sell it. Take it apart so that you can make a new weapon from scratch exactly to your specifications. Once you find a Biomutant Upgrade Bench, you can also upgrade your weapons and armors to make them more hit more.

Get used to dodging, parrying, and healing

Biomutant can be a challenging game. Fighting takes a little time to adapt, especially fighting many enemies at once. And many bad guys can hit pretty hard too. Evasion and parry are very important learning skills, and you also need to rely on both at the same time, because certain attacks cannot be parried. You can heal at any time by opening the consumables radial menu and selecting the desired heal item.

You can attach specific healing items to the wheels in the list (most importantly, you can also use the weapon radial menus to perform the same operation). Healing is very important, especially when facing dangerous enemies with hard-to-dodge attacks.

Tweak the settings to enjoy the game

One particularly underrated technique I can offer is to learn about Biomutant’s settings menu and adjust the game to your liking. For example, if things become too easy or too difficult, you can change the difficulty at any time. Another thing that can be changed is the voice-over of the narrator. If you want to reduce the frequency of the narrator’s dialogue (or delete it altogether), you can do the same.

Another thing you can do is to link the “photo mode” to a specific key or button on the controller. With such a beautiful game, it would be shameful if you don’t have a timely image or ten pictures to celebrate, don’t you think?