There are a variety of old world gadgets in Biomutant, and players who want to win the “old world gadgets” trophy need to find a total of 15. One of the gadget fans that can be tracked is Fry-Sparkers. There is actually a side task called “Finding Fry-Sparkers” and you need to find five of them. For those players who may not find all Fry-Sparkers in Biomutant, this guide can help you.

Please note that before a fan receives credit for finding a Fry-Sparker, they must interact with it and solve a quick rotation puzzle. The point of these puzzles is to turn the various knobs so that the matching colors are directly opposed to each other, and they can all be solved in a very similar way.

Biomutant: Where to Find Fry-Sparkers

Bricktown: Biomutant players should start by locating the shop with the cow logo that is near the center of Bricktown. They should enter the shop, climb the stairs that they encounter, and find the small kitchen to find the first Fry-Sparker near coordinates 8012, 9844.

Krossway 4E: The second Fry-Sparker can be found in the kitchen of a brick house at Krossway 4E. The approximate coordinates are 7637, -91281, and the puzzle is fairly simple.

Unnamed Neighborhood: This Old World Gadget is in the neighborhood that is located in between Boulderbroke and Bangshelter 7F, near coordinates -131956, -107813. More specifically, it is in a dilapidated house that has blue siding.

Near Gaga Grampus Bay: Players should turn their attention to coordinates 79981, -207094 for this collectible. It is in the ruins of a house, west of Gaga Grampus Bay.

Blazebase: The final Fry-Sparker can be found on the top floor of the large building with coordinates -232519, -471875. Fans can reach this collectible’s location by via stairs on the exterior of the building, although they will need to have high resistance in Biomutant to access it safely.

For those curious players, the reward for completing this side task in Biomutant is the ultimate add-on that can be used to upgrade melee weapons. Although fans can certainly complete the game without a little improvement, players who are interested in making the best weapons should consider solving the problem of “finding blasting sparks”.