A resident of New York City efficiently managed to find his stolen bike by way of his AirTags, however his expertise ended up being extra overwhelming than he would have imagined. According to Stephen Herbert, he had an encounter with the thieves in an effort to retrieve his stolen car led to a bodily altercation with the perpetrators, and the ending just isn’t a cheerful one.

As reported by NY Daily News, AppleInsider noticed the information and talked about how Herbert instantly regretted going after the thieves that stole his bike, not anticipating that the incident would find yourself being a bodily one.

“I think a lot about it, if he had a gun I could be dead. I think about how stupid I was to confront someone and maybe my life was ruined in a much more serious way.”

After approaching the criminals by way of the AirTags, Herbert was taken down and pummeled to the purpose that he was left with a damaged nostril.

“The next thing I know, I’m down. Maybe they both punched and kicked me. I was just hoping at that point they would stop, get up and leave and take my bike. And they did. Keeper of Thieves.”

Thanks to the incident, Herbert states that he now not feels protected in his neighborhood.

“I definitely walked around the neighborhood with an aura of comfort, and I don’t anymore, and I definitely don’t feel safe,. Can’t pretend we live in a safe town.”

It is remarkably unsafe to go after criminals along with your stolen property, even if you happen to can monitor them with ease utilizing AirTags. It is all the time prudent follow to tell legislation enforcement personnel, who’re additionally well-equipped to discourage such criminals. As Herbert factors out earlier, if any of those people had been armed with a weapon, your entire state of affairs would have been a lot worse than the bike proprietor receiving a damaged nostril.

Hopefully, this may function a reminder that simply because AirTags function a multi-purpose accent to find stolen belongings doesn’t imply it’s not a good suggestion to pursue criminals with out sufficient backup.

News Source: NY Daily News