Like many survival and exploration games, Valheim creates different worlds when you start a new game. The world is determined by your “seed”, a series of characters that you can enter when creating a new world which if left empty, the generates new world randomly. Here we have listed some of the best seeds in Valheim.

All five Bosses nearby: klW6PHmPNj

An Isolated Island: FLOrida

Haldor spawns nearby: Hu2N5rgDT5

Black Forest with lots of Tin & Copper: AnimeSucks

For Challenging Warriors: nai4qtPKFt

All biomes on starting island: W2hUEJUEcM

All Boss nearby: HHcLC5acQt 

Enormous Mountain Ranges: nDB9WybzUw

For Beekeepers: Gremlin

Giant Winding Island: PDM3hl3hpk

For extreme travelers: PzkpnLVXq2