These the dopest landing spots in Rumbleverse!
Image via Iron Galaxy/Epic Games

Knowing the best places to land in Rumbleverse is key to winning rounds. It works much in the same way Fortnite, and we all have our favorite places to land in that game. Some places just give better advantages, that’s a fact. But Rumbleverse is still just off the shelves, so players are slowly but surely figuring out the most ideal places to land. And part of our job is maximizing your fun for games, so we made this list for you. Yes, specifically you. Now stop hunching and drink some water.

Where you prefer to drop comes basically down to two factors: One: Are you aggro and want to land right in the heart of the action. Two: You want to play it more defensively when you land.

That said, we have three good landing sites for Rumbleverse. One for each preferred style of play, and one that is more a mix of both. Loot locations also factored into our choices.

The Best Places to Land in Rumbleverse

We compiled this list based on dozens of matches and player preferences around the office. We all pretty much agree these are the three best places to land in the game.

The Highway

Just a head’s up. No one is dropping on the highway because of the visual flair of some other places. That is exactly why it is a perfect drop for defensive players. It’s not heavily used, which means, you drop in with more freedom and time to pick where you want to go and start battling.

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Just make sure you drop in on the highest level of the structure, as the lower sections have more place for other players to hide and surprise attack. Highway is a really good loot location, too.

Take our words for it and we’ll see you there.

The Gazebogon

The Gazebogon is the many-sided blue Gazebo with open sides, located in the park. While it’s flashiness makes it stand out anyway, what we love about this location is one simple fact:

the roof prevents devastating elbow drop attacks.

That is life. Elbow drops are Hell in this game. It has an actual crap ton of escape routes, too. On top of that, very few people land there because of the last and most obvious entry on the list.

The Skyscraper (Duh)

We said duh just because of the fact that the Skyscraper is an obvious one. This is where most new players will initially go because to stands out in the horizon. We have it last on the list for that reason alone. When you get a bunch of noobs landing, it can get messy. It’s the easiest place to die quickly because everyone just freaks out. For that reason, it’s our least favorite drop, personally.

But for as hectic as it may be, the Skyscraper will never be a boring place to land. It’s just not our preferred.

Closing Rumbles

Something essential to remember is this came just came out this week. It’s being very well received, so we know this map will evolve and grow over time. So even if these places are ideal to land right now doesn’t mean they still will be in three weeks time.

So check back weekly for updates on Rumbleverse and all your favorite games.