The following list of superstars will help take your offense to the next level!

Madden 23 screenshot of 49ers’ tight end George kittle getting tackled
Image via EA Tiburon

We’re nearing the start of September, which means that Madden 23 has dropped and the NFL season is just days away. Now that the newest Madden has hit the shelves, fans are scrambling to put together the best lineup possible in Ultimate Team. Providing players with the unique opportunity to build a dream roster filled with some of their favorite players.

Of course, to build a successful MUT, it helps to know who some of the best available players are. So, we’ve laid out a list below of the best offensive cards in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

There’s an old saying that “defense wins championships” in the NFL, and while that may be true in real life, offense reigns supreme in Madden 23 Ultimate Team. Sure, you’ll still need a solid core of defenders to keep the other team at bay, but points are the name of the game. Basically, if you can drive up the scoreboard at will, then it doesn’t matter who’s on the other side of the field.

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This means that if you hope to have long-term success in Madden 23 Ultimate Team, then you’ll want to go after a few of these players. Here’s a list of the best offensive cards in the game;

  1. Dave Casper (91) – Tight End
  2. Joe Mixon (89) – Running Back
  3. Joe Burrow (89) – Quarterback
  4. Aaron Jones (89) – Runnin Back
  5. Jalen Hurts (89) – Quarterback
  6. Trey Smith (89) – Right Guard
  7. Tyler Higbee (89) – Tight End
  8. Cooper Kupp (88) – Wide Receiver
  9. Trent Williams (88) – Left Tackle

That’s everything you need to know about the best offensive cards in Madden 23 Ultimate Team. If you’re interested in more Madden content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find more information like the best Theme Teams in Madden 23 Ultimate Team or how to set realistic game sliders in Madden 23.