Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042

Jets in Battlefield are notoriously tough to master, but we’re here to assist. In Battlefield, getting a jet feels like winning the lottery as the entire squad competes for them, but only one can be lucky. In this article we will teach you how to fly Jets in Battlefield 2042, with our best keybinds.

Battlefield 2042 Jet Best Keybinds

The basics of Jet:

Pitch: Moves the nose of the jet up and down.
Yaw: Moves the nose of the jet left and right.
Roll: Rotates the jet, spinning it left or right.

Best PC Jet keybinds:

Throttle up: W
Throttle down: S
Yaw right: Right arrow key/Drag Mouse Right
Yaw left: Left arrow key/Drag Mouse Left
Pitch down: Down arrow key/Drag Mouse Down
Pitch up: Up arrow key/Drag Mouse Up
Roll right: D
Roll left: A
Fire: Space
Enter/exit vehicle: E
Switch weapon: F

For controllers like Xbox and PlayStation, the default controls seems to work best.