Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042

Helicopters are essential in any combat, yet they are notoriously difficult to fly. In the beginning it might be difficult to even fly a helicopter, leave the kills alone. So here in this guide we will tell you the best keybinds to operate helicopter in Battlefield 2042 to make you a flying beast.

Battlefield 2042 Helicopter Best Keybinds

The basics of Helicopter:

Pitch: Pointing the cockpit up and down.
Yaw: Turning the cockpit left and right horizontally.
Roll: Rotates the helicopter.
Throttle: Go high or low.

Best PC helicopter keybinds:

Throttle up: W
Throttle down: S
Yaw right: Right arrow key/Drag Mouse Right
Yaw left: Left arrow key/Drag Mouse Left
Pitch down: Down arrow key/Drag Mouse Down
Pitch up: Up arrow key/Drag Mouse Up
Roll right: D
Roll left: A
Fire: Space/Left Mouse Button
Zoom: Right Mouse Button
Enter/exit vehicle: E
Switch weapon: F/Mouse Scroll Wheel

For controllers like Xbox and PlayStation, the default controls seems to work best.