Look, I am not going to mislead you, that is very silly. So silly that it is perhaps essential? No. However it has produced some actually spectacular screenshots, and I will be good and goddamned if I do not gin up some excuse to point out them to you.

I am speaking, in fact, about The Dr Pepper, a mod for Batman: Arkham Knight that replaces the Darkish Knight’s Freeze Blast gadget with a, uh, can of Dr Pepper. Sure.

(Picture credit score: MrBinks / Rocksteady)

Created by a modder named MrBinks—who often dabbled in swimsuit mods earlier than experiencing some form of traumatic, soda-related life occasion—The Dr Pepper pledges to reply the age-old query “How within the hell does the so-called ‘Darkish Knight’ keep hydrated?” A query that is animated boards and remark sections for years if not a long time.

“THAT is precisely how our great Darkish Knight stays hydrated,” rants MrBinks “he brings thirst to a cease within the identify of vengeance with this lovely drink… He sees a thirsty thug and a can of ice chilly refreshing Dr Pepper is flying at their face at a stable 112 MPH (FASTER THAN ANY BASEBALL PLAYER EVER) instantly in direction of their mouth.” I consider this particular person could need assistance. I hope, selfishly, they by no means get it.

(Picture credit score: MrBinks / Rocksteady)

A bit just like the Fallout 4 mod that did nothing however kill you earlier than the top of the intro to protect “realism,” The Dr Pepper belongs to that class of person creations whose affect far outweighs the dimensions of their ambition. I admit, it cracked me up, and seeing Bats pose with cans of the tender drink seems like stumbling throughout relics of some ’90s advert marketing campaign that by no means made it to air.

If, within the yr of our Lord 2024, you are taken with modding a can of Dr Pepper into Batman: Arkham Knight, then to begin with good for you. You are able to do it utilizing the TFC Installer. Simply level that instrument at your Arkham Knight listing after which level it on the mod folder. Then keep hydrated.

(Picture credit score: MrBinks / Rocksteady)