It is custom at each TTRPG desk to have that one participant who rocks up with an absurd backstory: “My bard was raised by mimes within the woods”, “my complete household died to a rogue bee swarm”, “it is my objective to execute the Forgotten Realm’s sickest backflip”, That form of factor.

You possibly can proceed this time-honoured custom in Baldur’s Gate 3 with its first full release-compatible background mod, the poetically named “was a goat for ten years”, granting it its rightful place subsequent to the pedestrian vanilla background choices of “Urchin” or “Soldier”.

An image depicting the custom Goat Background for Baldur's Gate 3,

(Picture credit score: Larian Studios / NellsRelo on Nexus Mods)

Granted, loads of comparable mods made their manner into the Early Entry, however that is the primary stand-out mod after the game launched yesterday.

Coded into Baldur’s Gate 3 by the heroic NellsRelo, this background really owes its existence to the UnearthedArcana subreddit, where gamers share their homebrew content material for Dungeons & Dragons fifth version. Consumer _Metabot summoned this fever dream 6 years in the past, which memed its manner into a good 250-something upvotes, and it is now been was a mod with their permission.

Below a header that reads: “A what for a way lengthy?” NellsRelo offers it to us straight, informing us that we had been “A Goat. For 10 Years.” Being a goat-brained comes with some perks, although. “Having been a Goat for thus lengthy, you understand your manner round animals, and have develop into fairly athletic, granting you proficiency in Animal Dealing with and Athletics. You additionally achieve Surefooted, granting you immunity to muddy and tough terrain.”

This, hilariously, makes the background a superb match for a strength-based Ranger. No, I am not even kidding—Animal Dealing with is a really Ranger-themed ability, whereas Athletics will allow you to shunt folks round with a ok energy rating. In the meantime, Surefooted offers you immunity to tough terrain, which is one thing a Ranger does not get till stage 8 in-game. 

Since you have traded the bow for the broadsword, ignoring mud and muck to cost your foes is definitely actually useful, liberating up a bonus motion you would possibly in any other case use to leap over tough terrain, cast Hunters Mark or drink a potion. I am unable to consider I am theorycrafting the goat origin story, however right here we’re.

Regrettably, the mod’s lacking just a few options, equivalent to a customized icon, background objectives, and a sorrowful lack of horns or rectangular irises. Possibly you could possibly squint actual exhausting at a tiefling to get the actual woke up goat expertise. Till then, solely you understand the horrors of your previous, and should wait till modders end tinkering with the game to unleash the goat in your soul.