If you wish to discover the apothecary’s cellar in Baldur’s Gate 3, there are a few puzzles you may have to beat. The primary is heading to the Blighted Village, discovering the cellar hatch, after which uncovering the key door that leads you additional into the underground space. The second is convincing a magical mirror that you are a buddy of its grasp so it’s going to grant you entry to his lab.

The lab itself incorporates some fairly respectable loot, together with a lot of magical scrolls, and the highly effective Necromancy of Thay ebook. This magical tome can provide you a everlasting bonus to Knowledge checks—for those who’re in a position to overcome the trial of studying it, that’s. Right here, I am going to clarify tips on how to open the key door within the Blighted Village cellar and what solutions it’s essential give to the mirror to get into the lab.

The best way to open the key cellar door

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Baldur's Gate 3 cellar door location

The apothecary’s cellar is situated within the Blighted Village (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 cellar door - secret lever

You may have to tug a hidden lever to open a secret door inside (Picture credit score: Larian)

When you’re contained in the apothecary’s cellar within the Blighted Village, which is to the west of Silvanus’ Grove, you may discover your progress is barred. To enter the laboratory itself, you are going to must open a secret door hidden behind the large bookcase subsequent to the portray on the north aspect of the cellar. The lever to activate that is hidden behind a close-by crate that you would be able to smash with assaults. Head by into the following space, although watch out to not disturb the coffins mendacity close by until you wish to tango with the undead.

All Ornate Mirror solutions

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Baldur's Gate 3 cellar door - Ornate Mirror location

You may discover the Ornate Mirror blocking your path into the laboratory (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 cellar door - Talking to the Ornate Mirror

Give the proper responses and the mirror will allow you to go (Picture credit score: Larian)

Within the subsequent part, you may discover an Ornate Mirror on the wall, and if you strategy it, you may be requested a sequence of questions. Appropriate solutions will acquire you entry to the lab, whereas the flawed solutions will see you labelled as an intruder and set on fireplace—this mirror is not enjoying round. Listed here are the solutions it’s essential select:

  • Inform it your identify
  • “Sure, an ally! I am an ally of your grasp’s.”
  • “A foul lich. Might he die a thousand extra deaths.”
  • “To wash a wound?”
  • Any response in addition to “I might see those I like.”

After that, the mirror opens as much as grant you entry to the laboratory, and you may open the primary door to the unique a part of the cellar utilizing a lever on the west aspect of the room.