Chances are you’ll be acquainted with Baldur’s Gate 3 speedrun methods like shadowboxing, which is where you kill Shadowheart and stuff her in a field as a manner of skipping by a considerable a part of the game. Which is actually a little bit of a tough strategy to deal with God’s favourite princess and essentially the most attention-grabbing woman on the planet. Shadowheart will get some comeuppance in a way utilized by Mae, the speedrunner who holds the present world information for any%, all acts%, and intercourse%. Let me introduce you to the Shadowbear.

This one works due to the huge quantities of bludgeoning harm you trigger by reworking into one thing massive, then leaping on somebody in Baldur’s Gate 3. The orbital owlbear strike is essentially the most brutal instance of this exploit, however Mae makes use of a barely completely different one to wrap up act two’s boss struggle 12 minutes into her latest run for Superior Video games Finished Fast 2024. By casting enlarge on Shadowheart earlier than reworking her right into a bear, then making her invisible, Mae creates a stealth bomb that weighs 5,005 kilograms and kills first Ketheric Thorm after which his remaining kind, the avatar of Myrkul, just by touchdown on their heads.

In the identical run Mae demonstrates a way for visiting developer rooms, after which explains it in additional element after wrapping up all three acts in a tidy 33.21.8. Dev rooms are hidden areas where game designers maintain take a look at objects in addition to characters that have to be swapped out and in of a game in play. One such character in Baldur’s Gate 3 is Orin the Crimson, the boss who shapeshifts into completely different varieties to freak you out in act three. When she shapeshifts the peculiar NPC she’s pretending to be will get teleported to the dev room, and that gives speedrunners and glitch enjoyers with a chance to observe.

It really works like this. First, Mae finds one of many NPCs who transforms into Orin the Crimson. Then, with out triggering the dialogue where this might usually occur, she reverse-pickpockets the protagonist’s corpse into the NPC’s stock. (Shadowheart is not the one character who will get repeatedly killed and resurrected by speedrunners, and Mae’s player-character, Tom from MySpace, suffers as effectively.) It is surprisingly straightforward to sneak a lifeless physique into somebody’s pants in Baldur’s Gate 3, requiring solely a Difficulty Class 0 sleight-of-hand examine. When Mae slaps the disguised Orin with a mage hand it triggers her transformation, letting the lifeless protagonist hitch a experience. At which level the conjuration wizard capacity Benign Transposition: Teleport, which helps you to teleport wherever an ally is, permits Mae to affix Tom from MySpace within the dev room.

There are at the very least two dev rooms in Baldur’s Gate 3, every containing a wide range of NPCs and objects. There is a sheep for some purpose, in addition to a number of spare Orins, Dribbles the Clown, gods like Bane and Shar, and the half-orc named Honk who is without doubt one of the game’s most elusive NPCs.

Again to the run, Mae wraps up act three with the illithid energy Fierce Perilous Stakes, which provides a bonus to any form of harm you trigger. Since each missile cast with the spell magic missile offers harm individually, Fierce Perilous Stakes applies to every of them individually, which means the ultimate boss might be defeated with a single stage 3 casting of each wizard’s fallback spell. 

As somebody who hasn’t wrapped their second playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3 at 194 hours and counting, seeing this unhurried speedrun end in simply over half an hour is inspiring. Time to dive again in I believe, although I will be treating Shadowheart slightly extra properly in my run.