The Baldur’s Gate 3 Soul Cash are mysterious objects that you simply discover whereas exploring and finishing quests internationally. This barely harrowing foreign money is utilized in Avernus, the hell-like area you would possibly keep in mind flying by means of on the Mindflayer ship at the beginning of the game. The outline additionally reads that they’ll energy infernal machines, however it’s not instantly clear how any of this data can be utilized.

Placing apart any ethical qualms you may have about shopping for one thing with a literal soul—these devils positive know learn how to celebration, huh—Soul Cash are extraordinarily useful objects which are effectively value holding onto. Right here, I will clarify each Soul Coin location I’ve discovered to date, plus what you possibly can really do with them.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Soul Coin areas

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Baldur's Gate 3 Soul Coin location one in Dank Crypt

Soul Coin #1 within the Dank Crypt (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 Soul Coin location two in Dank Crypt

Soul Coin #2 within the Dank Crypt (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 Soul Coin location three in Dank Crypt

Soul Coin #3 within the Dank Crypt (Picture credit score: Larian)

Dank Crypt 

There are three Soul Cash within the Dank Crypt space of the Overgrown Ruins, close to where the Nautiloid crashes on the Ravaged Seaside. Get right here by heading east from the Roadside Cliffs waypoint, then you possibly can both head by means of the primary door or shoot the hanging rock within the Chapel Entrance and leap down by means of the outlet it makes. Both means, you may need to struggle some bandits, however in case you go within the second means I discussed, you possibly can shoot an explosive barrel by means of the door that can cope with all of them. Now, activate the swap on the wall behind the library and head into the Dank Crypt. 

You can too head additional east previous the doorway and lockpick a hatch to get into the Dank Crypt immediately, however it has an issue ranking of 20 in order that’s much less of a positive factor. Both means, as soon as inside, right here is where to search out the Soul Cash:

  • The primary coin is situated within the room with the large sarcophagus on the south finish of the Dank Crypt, particularly within the right-hand sarcophagus on the room’s west aspect. I would advocate grabbing this earlier than you loot the primary sarcophagus, setting off the fireplace lure.
  • The second coin is situated in a sarcophagus in a aspect room to the west of the world with the large statue and the Entombed Acolyte corpses.
  • The third coin is inside Wither’s sarcophagus. You will discover this hidden in a room behind the large statue, however pressing the button that opens the door will wake the acolytes. After they’re overwhelmed, wake him up, then loot his coffin. You should definitely seize the Amulet of Misplaced Voices from the close by chest because it enables you to converse to the lifeless.

Nadira and the Bugbear 

It’s a must to persuade Nadira to get the coin (Picture credit score: Larian)

You may get the fourth Soul Coin by saving Nadira from a Bugbear Murderer. As soon as contained in the Emerald Grove, head east as much as the highest of the little rocky outcrop where you possibly can see a Tiefling with a telescope. As you strategy, the murderer will seem, and fight will start. It is not a tough struggle and theoretically, in case you let Nadira die, it is best to be capable of loot the Soul Coin from her corpse, or you possibly can probably pickpocket her. No matter you select, in case you save her, you possibly can then get the coin through the use of Deception or feigning ignorance earlier than rolling Persuasion or Intimidation. 

What are Soul Cash for?

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Baldur's Gate 3 Soul Coin - Karlach asking for coins

Karlach can use your Soul Cash (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 Soul Coin - Karlach

Infernal Fury imbues her melee assaults with hearth harm (Picture credit score: Larian)

In the event you learn the outline, it mentions that these cash energy infernal engines, and in case you move an Arcana examine whenever you purchase the one from Nadira, it will additional clarify that these cash are used as foreign money in Avernus—primarily, the game’s hell area. Whereas I have not had the chance to enterprise to hell myself simply but, Soul Cash do have a extra instant function.

When you recruit Karlach close to the Risen Street, she will devour a Soul Coin to energy up the infernal machine inside her, granting the Infernal Fury situation till Lengthy Relaxation. This provides 1-4 hearth harm to her melee assaults when she’s Raging or her HP is under 25%. Whereas it may be value powering Karlach up for a troublesome struggle, it is value contemplating that these cash will probably have a secondary function later within the game, so spend ’em properly or by no means.