The Baldur’s Gate 3 Infernal Iron merchandise is a uncommon steel that you will often discover in chests and treasure troves internationally. What’s it for? Nicely, as you may collect from the title, this materials performs an enormous half in Karlach’s companion quest, The Hellion’s Coronary heart, which sees you repairing the engine in her chest.

When you ought to discover a good bit of Infernal Iron for those who’re treasure savvy, it is extra corresponding to Soul Cash by way of its rarity, so it may be useful to have a number of collected already if you wish to progress the hunt. Right here, I will run by way of the Infernal Iron areas I’ve to date, plus who you must see about fixing Karlach’s engine.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Infernal Iron areas

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Baldur's Gate 3 Infernal Iron - Blighted Village

Infernal Iron in Blighted Village basement (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 Infernal Iron -Zhentarim Hideout

Infernal Iron in Zhentarim Hideout (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 Infernal Iron - Shattered Sanctum

Infernal Iron within the Shattered Sanctum (Picture credit score: Larian)

There are many completely different locations you’ll find Infernal Iron within the Forgotten Realms, however three I’ve discovered to date are:

  • Blighted Village: That is seemingly the primary Infernal Iron you may discover. Within the basement of the north home, where you discover the forge and begin the Masterwork Weapon quest, you may discover a chest for those who climb up the ladder. Open this to get a chunk of Infernal Iron. Watch out of opening the trapped explosive chest beneath it first, nevertheless, since it might probably doubtlessly blow up the ladder.
  • Shattered Sanctum: You will discover a second piece of Infernal Iron within the Shattered Sanctum within the Goblin Camp. Head to the far north, behind where Dror Ragzlin is sitting, and unlock the door to get on the loot. There are additionally a variety of nice magical gadgets on this pile, and the nice factor is for those who’re killing all of the goblins, you do not have to fret about getting noticed.
  • Zhentarim Hideout: This smuggler hideout is hard to seek out, and I detailed the flowery means of easy methods to get inside in our Underdark entrances checklist. As soon as contained in the hideout, head to the north finish of it to seek out two locked doorways with some wolves and guards close by. Unlock the rightmost door and choose the lock of the right-hand chest to seek out the iron.

What’s Infernal Iron used for?

Dammon will make it easier to restore Karlach (Picture credit score: Larian)

Infernal Iron is a crucial a part of Karlach’s companion quest. As you may know, the Tiefling barbarian has an infernal engine inside her, and whereas it makes her an incredible fighter, she does run a bit scorching. In the event you go and go to the Tiefling smith, Dammon, within the centre of the Emerald Grove settlement, he’ll clarify that the engine is definitely going into overdrive and can kill her, except you restore it with among the uncommon steel, Infernal Iron.

You will have to find some and convey a chunk again to Dammon. He’ll restore Karlach a bit after which inform you to satisfy him in Baldur’s Gate later within the story, by which period he’ll have extra options to Karlach’s drawback. Similar to Gale consuming magical gadgets, Karlach will want a number of items of Infernal Iron to restore her totally and progress her quest. Whereas I have never met up with Dammon once more but, I will add extra particulars and Infernal Iron areas once I do.

It is also price noting that for those who Save the Emerald Grove and you have not spoken to him with Karlach and began the hunt to seek out the Infernal Iron, Dammon will depart for Baldur’s Gate. On the other facet, after you raid the grove, you will not have the ability to restore Karlach with Infernal Iron or speak to Dammon.