One baffling results of Baldur’s Gate 3’s newest patch—which arrived with loads of bugs and subsequently a bunch of hotfixes—is, effectively, Astarion turning into the Grinch. It is solely occurring below sure mysterious circumstances, however it’s definitely occurring. Act 3 and Astarion spoilers to comply with.

This entire debacle kicked off after footage of Astarion’s new Act 3 epilogue scene (shared by skarsghardy on Twitter) brought about a swathe of memes to floor about Larian’s new ‘Astarion Jumpscare’, whereby everybody’s favorite vampire watches you when you sleep, wanting as if he is been devising devious plans to steal Christmas.

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Now, hear. There’s nothing mistaken with an individual simply wanting like that—it is even kind of cute, however contemplating Astarion is often a full-lipped princeling that appears like he belongs on the entrance of a smutty romance e-book (shirt non-compulsory), it’s suspiciously glitchy. I have been attempting to smile whereas folding my higher lip into my decrease one for about 5 minutes, and I am unable to get it to really feel pure.

Enter one among my favorite mods to date for Baldur’s Gate 3: Astarion’s de-grinchifier by magnetuning on Nexus Mods. To show that Astarion superfans aren’t simply shedding their gourds, magnetuning made a comparability video and—honest sufficient, in his newest scenes? Astarion’s wanting a little bit greener and meaner.

Observing that Astarion did not make this face on decrease graphics settings, magnetuning initially believed the issue was on account of “lacking LODs”—referring to the real-time simplification of polygons—when in comparison with different companion characters within the game. 

In a pinned remark, they clarify that “regardless that including the lacking LODs does make a distinction as effectively (and deleting them does add again a few of the grinchiness). I am not totally certain what is going on on”. In line with magnetuning, working Astarion’s fairly face by way of Blender may additionally be hampering his expressiveness like digital botox, which might naturally decrease the speed of Grinch occurrences.

“Additionally actually he simply kinda seems like that tbh! Generally you simply have to like your hag the way in which he’s. Whereas… additionally ensuring his mannequin is functioning correctly.” 

They appear to actually imply this with their entire coronary heart, as a result of there’s additionally an non-compulsory mod that allows you to re-grinchify Astarion in the event you’re utilizing a customized head. “For many who love his grinch face, and have been dissatisfied by the very fact their customized heads de-grinchified him with out realizing why, that is for you.”