Finding Sussur Bark in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a crucial step within the End the Masterwork Weapon quest you may discover whereas exploring the Blighted Village. If you have not positioned the village but, it may be discovered to the west of Silvanus’ Grove. This quest begins within the basement of the home to the north, which you entry by lockpicking the door, or burning the spider net and leaping down from the ground above. 

Within the basement, you may discover a forge and a trapped chest containing Highcliff’s Blueprints. These weapon diagrams element a technique to forge highly effective weapons should you can find the lacking ingredient which is—you guessed it—Sussur Bark. If you happen to’re unable to move a Nature ability verify, you may be left with zero clue as to where to seek out this uncommon tree.

It is not preferrred while you’ll wish to get your particular weapon sooner reasonably than later. Fortunately for you, this uncommon substance is not too arduous to seek out as long as you’ve got acquired just a little willpower. Right here, I am going to clarify find out how to get Sussur Bark and forge your very personal Sussur weapon.

Where to seek out Sussur Bark

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Baldur's Gate 3 Sussur Bark location - Gale sneaking by spiders

Watch for the Ettercap to maneuver, close to to the skeleton, then move behind it (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 Sussur Bark location - Gale jumps down a hole

Cast Feather Fall and leap down the massive gap (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 Sussur Bark location - Gale jumps down a level

Bounce down once more immediately and over to the following platform (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 Sussur Bark location - Upper path in Decrepit Village

Take the upper path within the Decrepit Village (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 Sussur Bark location - Sussur Tree waypoint

Go invisible previous the Hook Horrors to seek out the waypoint and go right up the department (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 Sussur Bark tree

Acquire the bark where the department meets the Sussur Tree trunk (Picture credit score: Larian)

You could find Sussur Bark within the Underdark, particularly within the Dread Hole, fairly near the Decrepit Village. Whereas it is fairly simple to identify the enormous white Sussur Tree within the space, it’s a must to go to a particular a part of it to get the bark, and because you’re early within the game while you discover this quest, you possible will not have ventured into the Underdark but.

For the reason that Underdark could be very harmful and accommodates a number of lethal monsters, I might suggest taking a sneaky character solo with a Scroll of Invisibility, and even higher, wait till Gale reaches stage 4 and might study invisibility. You will additionally want Feather Fall or a Scroll of Feather Fall. That mentioned, this is find out how to get the Sussur Bark step-by-step:

  • Both destroy the wall within the basement should you handed the Notion verify to see it, or use the nicely within the centre of the Blighted Village to entry the Whispering Depths.
  • Sneak by to where you see the skeleton and search for the Ettercap enemy close by on a better platform. Watch for it to maneuver, then climb up the ledges and move behind it into the primary Section Spider nest where the matriarch is. It is value noting you can additionally seize the Darkish Amethyst to open the Necromancy of Thay right here.
  • Cast Feather Fall and leap from the higher platform down the large gap within the centre of the webs, main into the Underdark.
  • While you land, instantly leap down once more onto the decrease platform, then northwest throughout the hole to the glowing mushrooms—move by these quick as they’re explosive—then head southwest till you attain the Decrepit Village.
  • Take the best path that leads larger to seek out the Sussur Tree. Now that is where issues get spicy as a result of Hook Horrors. You will wish to head southwest alongside the facet of the ravine, then cast invisibility and head northwest following the wall till you discover the Underdark – Sussur Tree waypoint. 
  • Instantly subsequent to the waypoint is a department you’ll be able to climb. Observe this to the trunk of the tree, utilizing invisibility to keep away from the Hook Horror on the department, then seize the bark subsequent to it.

Relying in your luck, you may also get attacked by Bulette, an enormous monster that burrows beneath the earth and knocks you over. If that ever occurs, use Invisibility instantly to flee fight, although should you do not cling about you should not have an excessive amount of bother.

End the Masterwork Weapon

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Baldur's Gate 3 Sussur Bark in inventory

Activate the forge and put the Sussur Bark into it (Picture credit score: Larian)
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Baldur's Gate 3 Sussur Bark location - Making a weapon in the forge

As soon as it glows blue, add your weapon of selection and mix (Picture credit score: Larian)

Now you’ve got acquired the bark, head again to forge within the basement and comply with these steps to create your Sussur weapon:

  • Activate the forge to mild it
  • Use the Blacksmith Bellows
  • Activate the forge once more
  • Place the Sussur Bark within the free slot
  • Click on mix

As soon as you’ve got accomplished this, you are able to create considered one of three Sussur weapons:

  • Sussur Greatsword: 4-14 injury, 2d6+2 slashing.
  • Sussur Dagger: 5-8 injury, 1d4+4 piercing, silences targets on hit.
  • Sussur Sickle: 3-6 injury, 1d4+2 slashing, silences targets on hit.

Merely activate the forge and place both a dagger, a greatsword, or a sickle in there, then click on mix to make the weapon. This may set off a cutscene of your weapon being solid, finishing the hunt, and letting you equip it for your self. In case you have the Guild Artisan background, this can even full an Inspiration objective. It is value noting you’ll be able to solely make one Sussur weapon, so select properly.