Back 4 Blood
Back 4 Blood

Want to know which characters are the best in “Back 4 Blood“? Each of the characters in Back 4 Blood has unique abilities that can help your team and shape the way you conduct battles. You must choose your character wisely to survive, hence we are here to help you with our Back 4 Blood guide.

The best characters in Back 4 Blood are Hoffman, Mom, Doc and Holly. The resources in Back 4 Blood are extremely scarce. When your inventory is empty and the situation looks dim, this team will help you survive. Hoffman, Doc, Mom, and Holly have some very powerful capabilities that can benefit the entire team in all situations.

First, the entire team can collect the ammunition dropped by Hoffman when he kills the Ridden. The ammunition in Back 4 Blood is very scarce, so maintaining the team’s supply at a higher level of difficulty is huge.

You need stamina to run and use melee attacks in Back 4 Blood. This is where Holly can help you out. The game is very dangerous at close range, so having reliable stamina to turn and run is necessary. Stamina and health are most important in Back 4 Blood. In addition, if the ammunition runs out, you will often use melee weapons.

At the same time, the Mom and the doc can keep the team alive. Instant recovery, extra lives, enhanced resistance to trauma, free healing and additional healing items are all priceless. The only way to defeat the Battle of Back 4 Blood is to survive which they can help you do.

All the characters in Back 4 Blood have advantages, and you can definitely use any of them. However Hoffman, Mom, Doc and Holly are the must characters in your team.

Back 4 Blood Best characters to survive

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