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Street Fighter 6 Open Beta launches Mid-May


Street Fighter 6 Open Beta launches Mid-May

On: May 10, 2023

Street Fighter remains one of the top fighting series on the market, and you can soon get a taste of the newest entry. Street Fighter 6 has been causing a stir since it started releasing footage of its characters. Before long, it will be launching an open beta so people can try out the gameplay. Access will become available later this month across a variety of platforms, and will only be open for a few days. That means potential users will need to be ready to secure their spots. This short period will reveal a lot about the game and whether it will keep up its hype.

Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Details

The first Street Fighter game appeared in 1987 and became popular not only for its colorful graphics and tight gameplay but also for being a competitive game that two people could play together. It’s 36 years later, and Street Fighter 6 proves that the name can still draw huge crowds. Best of all, the open beta for it will become available this month.

The beta period will be from May 19 to May 21, 2023. It will cover the major platforms of PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, though it’s doubtful that crossplay will be included. The beta details explain how players will be able to try out over eight different characters which include long-standing participants Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li.

Street Fighter 6 open beta trailer

Street Fighter 6 is slowly revealing itself during the time it has left before its expected release in June. As with every new entry in the series, the roster has grown, characters have been updated, and movements have been expanded.

According to the numerous trailers and statements about the game, it’s aiming to expand its online community. The lobby will offer players a solo story mode to follow, likely changing depending on their selected character as well as a variety of competitive worlds. The goal seems to be to promote online accessibility and the prospect of being able to challenge and easily connect with players around the world.

The Street Fighter series has always had a theme of global competition, and Street Fighter 6 is aiming to bring that into reality. With the open beta launching on May 19, many will get to see and some will get to try the gameplay for themselves to help decide if they want to buy on the release date of June 2.

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