It has been 50 years since Atari was based in 1972. So, what higher approach to rejoice that milestone than a model new game that pays homage to lots of Atari’s unique classics?

A brand new game by Quebec based mostly studio, iLLOGIKA, is not only a library of traditional Atari video games, but additionally an improve to lots of them. Some of the visible upgrades really resemble traditional field artwork of the time. The field artwork for a lot of traditional Atari video video games typically took some visible liberties and embellished on the video games’ storyline, and did not really signify what the game really seemed like. For instance, one of many first traditional Atari journey video games, aptly named Adventure, simply confirmed a single pixel moving concerning the display whilst you tried to gather keys and unlock doorways. The field artwork, nevertheless, confirmed a serpent-dragon in a labyrinth holding a key whereas a wizard and his companion superior by a fort.

YouTube Video Trailer for Atari Mania

Touted as a journey by videogame historical past, in Atari Mania you play a set of microgames, all of that are based mostly on traditional Atari titles. “You play as the Caretaker of the Atari Vault, the storehouse of classic Atari games. One night, a dead pixel appears and soon enough, all heck breaks loose!” says the game’s official website.

Though the official checklist of the Atari-based microgames within the title hasn’t been revealed, the Steam web page for the game contains references to Centipede, Pong, and Bentley Bear from Crystal Castles. Additionally, the preview video contains quick captures from many extra, similar to Asteroids, Tank Command, and what seemed like Lunar Lander or Moon Patrol. Many of the sequences flash by moderately rapidly, making it tough to establish the unique title.

Atari Mania Moon Patrol Section

Atari Mania is not accessible simply but. As of this second, the game has been introduced and the developer’s web site says it is going to be arriving “Summer, 2022” for the AtariVCS, the PC through Steam, and the Nintendo Switch.