The atmosphere of Trying Glass Studios’ Thief video games was with out evaluate. Eric Brosius and everybody else who contributed to their soundscapes knocked it out of the park. The echoing tunnels, the non secular chants, the distant buzz of business, the whine of electrical coils, the inexplicable all-permeating hum within the darkness, and that one banging DJ Shadow-esque tune that blares whenever you enter the Downwind Guild. It is all excellent.

And now I’ve found it is all on YouTube, and has been looped. Among the movies are shorter, like one which takes the cutscene music from the intro to the Assassins stage of Thief: The Darkish Undertaking, which Garrett usually narrates over, and loops it earlier than that half so we will hear it separate from the voiceover. That solely goes for two-and-a-half minutes. When you favor the atmosphere of Thief 2, this is two of its atmospheric audio recordsdata, s01mel1.wav and s01mel2.wav, looped for an hour.

YouTubers have gone additional than that, after all. Which is why I’ve spent a big chunk of right this moment listening to a somber 10-hour loop of the Horn of Quintus from Down within the Bonehoard.

When you’re not acquainted with the 10-hour pattern, again in 2011 when YouTube first expanded its video-duration restrict the web briefly went wild for a 10-hour loop of Nyan Cat. Now you may hearken to hours and hours of something, together with the tinny Portal radio model of Nonetheless Alive, and the Tristram theme from Diablo.

As a result of I am simply distracted and have tinnitus, I usually play instrumental music whereas I work. Right now, my copy of Mogwai’s rating for Les Revenants has gone unheard. As an alternative, I have been listening to an hour-long loop of loloop2.wav, which I consider is the noise of these Tesla-coil electrical generator issues within the haunted mines below Cragscleft Jail, and a 10-hour loop of the ambient sounds and muttering guard from Thief 2’s Operating Interference mission. 

I am a little bit involved in regards to the potential long-term unwanted side effects of this. What if I begin reciting cynical monologues to myself or crouch-walking all over the place I’m going?

If you would like to know one thing extra sensible about Thief’s audio, YouTube may also help there as nicely. The Python Blue channel has been excavating a few of its sources, discovering the origin of assorted noises sampled in Thief: The Darkish Undertaking among the many presets of the Korg M1 synthesizer’s Digital Studio Know-how software program, in addition to the Earshot SFX sound impact library and different sources, together with Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki’s Stabat Mater, which supplied a few of the choral chanting, and a haunting monitor from 2001: A House Odyssey referred to as Lux Aeterna. Which, naturally sufficient, yow will discover an hour-long loop of on YouTube.