You’ve got in all probability seen a couple of gifs of Tiny Glade sooner or later over the previous yr on Twitter or TikTok (although I am unsure it had a reputation or Steam web page till just lately). Do you keep in mind brief clips of somebody moving a mouse over green pasture and effortlessly drawing wood fences, stone partitions, fortress towers and pointed rooftops, after which click-and-dragging to make little changes and tweaks and considering “Oh my gosh, that appears divine.”

That was in all probability Tiny Glade, which feels much like video games like Townscaper: a totally enjoyable sandbox with no objectives or aims where you principally paint stunning little castles in a lush green world. Get mesmerized by the trailer above, which was revealed on the Healthful Snack presentation earlier than the Game Awards right now.

I really like the way in which the world reacts to your actions, the stone partitions and fences virtually feeling alive with how fluidly they spring up, shrink down, and reshape themselves below the mouse pointer. Click on and drag and you may pull a chunky stone wall throughout the meadow. Click on the bottom and a dust path seems, and when you drag that path into the wall an archway can be fashioned to let the trail cross via. Pull the trail via a shorter wall and a wood gate will seem as if by magic. It simply appears to be like so dang good.

And when you’re drawing paths, keep watch over that stone wall you simply constructed. You will see leafy green vines slowly rising up and over it. Is there a chubby little sheep wandering round close by? Take a break out of your fortress to offer it a pat. Pleasant.

Tiny Glade is the work of Pounce Mild, a two-person improvement crew. This is Tiny Glade’s Steam web page to anxiously camp when you await a launch date.