AC Valhalla Balor
AC Valhalla Balor

Since the game’s launch last year, Ubisoft has been providing a steady stream of free content for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but this week marked the arrival of the game’s first proper expansion. It’s called Wrath of the Druids and it takes the player on another epic adventure, this time to the dense countryside of Ireland.

After defeating all 10 sons of Danu, you will get 10 times the bloody ambers. You will get one for killing all of Danu’s children. You must bring ten Bloody Amber to Deirdre’s cabin. Then, she will give you a quest called “Amber Sun” and a potion that will allow you to teleport to the Balor’s realm. Balor is a demon with 370 power points. Therefore, if you want to challenge this monster, you can use the following methods to defeat the wrath of Druid Balor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla).

To defeat Balor in the druid’s AC Valhalla’s Wrath, players must be prepared for a full-scale boss battle, fighting opponents that are designed to deal significant damage through large, full blows. You must also understand how and when you attacked. So let’s see below how to beat Balor:

Balor Boss Fight Phase 1

  • Balor is immune to much of your hits with melee weapons.
  • You must keep a safe distance and use long-range weapons and abilities
  • Balor may be defeated with Mark of Death and Focus of the Nornir.
  • If Balor uses the Aerial Dive, Flaming Sword, or Cyclops Laser skills, make sure you dodge. With some practice, you should be able to completely exhaust his fitness.
  • Balor’s health can be depleted with skills that generate fire or poison.
  • Balor is not particularly vulnerable to stun damage. If you want to follow this path, you’ll need to locate vulnerabilities with arrows. Choose weapons that can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time, either with rapid assaults or single, strong hits.
  • This will be a long battle, and you’ll need all of your resources.
  • Prepare to dodge to the side when Balor leaps into the air hence avoiding his aerial diving attack.
  • Balor is vulnerable to arrows on his arm, knee, and back. The third is the hardest, but if you can master the slow-motion dodge effect, you can do it.
  • Balor’s attack will always be interrupted if you hit any of these vulnerable areas for the first time.
  • You can focus on using a faster less accurate bow instead of a precision bow if you are having trouble hitting his back.

Balor Boss Fight Phase 2

  • Once his health is reduced to two-thirds, Balo will remove his mask, exposing his third eye on his forehead. You’ve now entered phase two of the fight when you see this.
  • Balor can also use his third eye to launch a destructive laser attack. It’ll be impossible to skip this one. For any chance you must strafe around as quickly as possible. It will erode your health in a stable phase, so a heavy hit won’t destroy you right away, but getting stuck in it for a long time can have catastrophic consequences.
  • Once the second stage appears, Balor will launch more offensive capabilities.
  • These abilities can be avoided, but you must proceed with caution.
  • You can swing at Balor a few times so to avoid the Demonic Circle’s attack to induce the sluggish impact.
  • Balor’s attacks are capable of destroying the rock pillars. You can use supplies and arrows in them by luring Balor into shattering them.
  • Once you defeat him you will get the Gae Bolg, the mythical spear of the Irish demigod Cúchulainn.

Balor Attacks and Patterns guide

Aerial Dive- Balor will jump and dive into Eivor giving a lot of damage

Cyclops Laser- Balor will show his third eye, which will shoot a laser at Eivor Demon Race.

Demonic Circle- Balor will strike the ground with his great sword, creating an area that will be swallowed up by flames after a blue circle appears.

Flaming Sword- He will use the sword and to shoot flames at you directly.

Triple Slash- This is his basic three-hit combo, which will deal you heavy damage.