Six p.c of avid gamers are over the age of 65, however I understand how I will be spending one-hundred p.c of my time in Hunt: Showdown going ahead: as Béatrice, a septo- (octo?) generian hunter who’s simply been launched as a part of the most recent $10 DLC for Hunt.

Hunt: Showdown already options greater than 60 legendary hunters, premium skins that vary from imply cowboys and women to straightjacketed freaks, native warriors, one precise faculty professor, shaman ex-slaves, animal-pelted wildlings, and sufficient becloaked edgelords to fill a subreddit. It is a spectrum of characters not simply when it comes to gender and background, however when it comes to horror and Wild Westness. 

Béatrice, who is known as The Bone Mason in Hunt, expands that broad roster as the one character sporting a bonnet. Her lore is upsetting. After her son apparently wanders into the Catacombs of Paris and dies, Béatrice hauls her PTSD throughout the Atlantic to hitch the get together in Louisiana. An excerpt:

Béatrice cleaned her boy’s stays fastidiously, giving him his final tub. Her thoughts clouded by regret, she hoped to search out closure within the Catacombs, where all of it had begun. Every midnight she provided his bones to the partitions, treating them with the respect and nice precision of an artist, wishing they’d settle for her treasured boy. However the partitions had gone silent, and as years handed, she misplaced her will and identify to grow to be the Bone Mason—the phantom of the nice Catacombs—so dubbed by those that witnessed her enter the abyss each time the bells tolled twelve. 

And as time killed the final spark of hope, a mysterious letter pointed at Louisiana, where she might discover different misplaced souls. All through her journey throughout the Atlantic, she tenderly caressed the satchel she’d crafted. Nobody believed the story behind the satchel, however Béatrice discovered consolation within the acquainted contact of its cowl, rumored to be certain in her boy’s personal pores and skin.

Made with 10% recycled human materials. (Picture credit score: Crytek)

A health package, probably-definitely made with human cover? Now that is what I name a legendary pores and skin.

My buddy group I play with is already conspiring to make “granny runs” for comedic and real intimidation worth, and I am not alone. I discovered numerous enthusiasm for the character on YouTube and Reddit:

  • “Granny gang stand up”
  • “Cannot wait to die to some Chad grandma after she bursts by way of a second story window and domes me in mid-air.”
  • “Cant wait to see sweaty grannys doing 360 swan spiruets and bunnyhops.”
  • “Granny operating at you with a bomb lance is gonna be the scariest factor within the game”
  • “Lastly, a personality that matches my response time!”
  • “Instabuy <3 could be good to not have one other uppercut pores and skin, however the hunter alone is a ten/10 gilfbw (granny i prefer to farm bounties with)"
  • “Meema just isn’t f—ing round”
  • “Golden women loadouts incoming”

The Phantom of the Catacombs DLC comes with the accompanying and grisly “Scarfskin Satchel” health package, Recent Marrow pores and skin for the Caldwell Conversion Uppercut, and likewise Fissure beauty for the Romero 77 Hatchet.

Character range is a significant pillar for Crytek in Hunt, because the game’s basic supervisor David Fifield informed us as we marked the game’s fifth anniversary earlier this yr. “When folks take a look at numerous media, if they do not see acquainted faces or a factor that resonates, they’re going to say ‘yeah, that is not for me,'” stated Fifield. “It matches with our secretive themes, the ‘untold tales of unsung heroes,’ so once we embody historically marginalised teams and we put them in heroic or aspirational contexts, that is very woven into Hunt’s DNA.”