The different day Todd Howard did the factor lots of people have been ready for. He introduced that Bethesda shall be making Fallout 5.

That’s fairly powerful for Fallout followers to get enthusiastic about as a result of improvement will not begin till “after” The Elder Scrolls 6, which itself continues to be largely seemingly a number of years down the street. Meaning we’d see Fallout 5… someday after 2030? You cannot actually get stoked for one thing that is most likely a decade away.

As for me, I’m having a distinct drawback with getting enthusiastic about it, as a result of as an alternative of constructing Fallout 5 I want Bethesda would make one thing else. Anything else. I’d be a lot happier to listen to that they deliberate to make actually some other game, so long as it is one thing new and never a part of a collection that is been round for a pair many years already.

It’s not that I do not like Fallout. I’ve had a good time with the Fallout video games, sufficient to sink 120 hours into Fallout 3, nearly 200 hours into Fallout 4 (plus nicely over 100 into Obsidian’s New Vegas). I even favored Fallout 76 a bit greater than the typical reviewer did when it launched again in 2018 (not that that is saying a lot).

(Image credit score: Bethesda)

But as time marches on I discover myself way more all in favour of video games (and films, and TV reveals, and books) that are not a part of an current collection. For occasion, I kinda cannot imagine I sat down on the sofa final week and watched Obi-Wan Kenobi have a lightsaber struggle with Darth Vader—one thing I first noticed them do in 1977 (in film) after which once more in 2005 (in a foul one). It’s simply form of baffling to me. How is that this nonetheless taking place? Why cannot any story ever come to an precise finish? Doesn’t anybody else get… you realize… drained of the identical characters and lore and universe ceaselessly and ever?

When I first noticed the trailer for Starfield I wrote about how I used to be thrilled it was popping out earlier than The Elder Scrolls 6 as a result of I spotted I need to play one thing new, one thing genuinely new, as an alternative of a brand new entry in one thing outdated. I’m not a giant fan of the time period “new IP” as a result of it feels like marketing-speak belched out by enterprise college cyborgs, however screw it, that is what I would like. New IP. A recent begin. Something unencumbered by years of lore and characters and historical past. A clean canvas.

After the large success of Elden Ring I began questioning what classes builders of open world video games would possibly take from it, however I believe a very powerful lesson is that Elden Ring is not Dark Souls 4. Rather than make one other Dark Souls game, FromSoftware made Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Elden Ring. These are video games with loads of Dark Souls DNA however nonetheless stand aside in new worlds with completely different guidelines.

Elden Ring instantly turned FromSoftware’s greatest hit, promoting extra copies in just a few weeks than Dark Souls 3 did in years.

I have not even performed these video games nevertheless it nonetheless feels extremely refreshing to me, a studio placing a cap on a well-liked collection and growing one thing new. And that is what I’d choose to see Bethesda do. It’s wonderful to incorporate plenty of what makes the Fallout video games nice—hell, even Starfield appears prefer it has a lot in widespread with Fallout—however candy lord I’ve spent sufficient time with the Brotherhood of Steel already. I needn’t meet one more Mr. Handy bot. I’ve opened sufficient Vaults and I’ve executed sufficient VATS. Can we move on? There’s gotta be different concepts to discover.

It’s not simply Bethesda. I’d be thrilled to listen to that Rockstar wasn’t making Grand Theft Auto 6 or that Ubisoft was retiring Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry in favor of one thing new… even when these issues nonetheless felt rather a lot like GTA and Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. If Valve by no means makes Half-Life 3, I’ll be completely wonderful. (As lengthy as they make one thing.) FromSoftware proved you’ll be able to finish a well-liked collection and begin over—Elden Ring instantly turned its greatest hit, promoting extra copies in just a few weeks than Dark Souls 3 did in 4 years. 

Wrapping a collection up, even when it leaves just a few lingering questions, is best than issues dragging on for ages longer than they should. Sometimes it feels good to maneuver on and let new tales—utterly new tales, not tales that fill in gaps in current ones—have the prospect to be informed. Sometimes it is best to write “The End” and truly imply it. Fallout has informed me (a number of instances now) that warfare by no means adjustments. But it ought to.