Tenting in Baldur’s Gate 3 is an effective strategy to meet up with your companions, take a look at your stock and see if there’s something price swapping out, and restoring hit factors and spell slots. You’ll be able to select to have a brief relaxation with no necessities, however to take an extended relaxation—that’s, organising a camp—you may want tenting provides, so this is where you will discover them and tips on how to relaxation up.

Where to search out tenting provides

Tenting provides could be present in bins, crates and barrels you come throughout in your travels, and may typically be looted from corpses—they’re having a special sort of lengthy relaxation. Meals additionally contributes in direction of tenting provides, so be sure you decide up all these apples and sausages. If you wish to have an extended relaxation, you may want at the least 40 tenting provides, whereas a brief relaxation will not price you something. You too can purchase tenting provides and meals from distributors in the event you’re unfortunate in your looting ventures. 

arrange camp and take an extended relaxation

(Picture credit score: Larian Studios)

To the best of your character bar, there’s a little fireplace icon, which when clicked provides you the choice of an extended or quick relaxation. You’ll be able to arrange a camp anyplace at virtually any time—you may’t camp in the midst of a combat, sadly. Taking an extended relaxation when tenting replenishes everybody in your celebration’s HP, spell slots and any actions that will require an extended relaxation. Issues like Illithid Knowledge dialogue decisions are additionally replenished, and tenting will finish your day and move the story ahead. 

You’ll be able to nonetheless camp when you have fewer than 40 tenting provides, however you may solely get a partial relaxation, so your HP and Knowledge will not be absolutely replenished. You too can arrange camp to vary your celebration at no additional price—simply select the go away camp possibility as soon as you have received your celebration sorted. 

You need not arrange camp to take a brief relaxation, simply select the choice and your HP will probably be restored. It is the equal of a partial relaxation, so Illithid Knowledge will not be replenished.