April Update and Glavier class in Lost Ark delayed

Image through Smilegate

In a tragic flip of occasions, Lost Ark’s extremely anticipated April Update will not arrive on April 21 as deliberate. This update would have introduced the brand new class Glavier into the game, in addition to the brand new continent South Vern which might have introduced a model new story.

Community Manager TrevzorFTW posted the next official update on the Lost Ark official boards, notifying gamers of the delay:

“During final testing for the April Update our QA team found some critical issues, requiring us to delay the April update while we work to resolve them. We know this comes as a disappointment, as we’re excited for both South Vern and the Glavier to arrive in Arkesia. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to resolve these issues and release the April Update.”

Fans are understandably upset, as gamers had been already divided on the lack of content material coming to the game in April. Following the game’s weekly update schedule, the April update is now nearing May, because the update will launch on April 28 as a substitute. TrevzorFTW additionally posted the next, promising gamers new info because it arrives:

“We know it sucks having something you are waiting for get delayed right before you got to experience it. The team is working to get the issue resolved and we will update everyone when we have more information.”