Apex Legends “Meet Vantage” trailer formally particulars the brand new hero’s sniper abilities

Image through Respawn Entertainment

The subsequent hero to affix the Apex Legends roster is Vantage, a sniper with assist talents that ought to shake up the meta fairly a bit. She’ll be leaping into the Apex Games with Season 14: Hunted.

Ahead of the brand new season, we acquired a “Meet Vantage” character trailer that provides us an excellent overview of how she performs. Vantage’s mom truly narrates the trailer as she demonstrates her talents. These embody a passive known as Spotter’s Lens, which helps you to purpose down sights or scopes to be taught an enemy’s Legend title, defend stage, crew dimension, and distance from you. Vantage additionally has a cute little bat buddy named Echo, and her tactical potential lets her ship Echo out then teleport to its location. Finally, her final places her personal particular sniper rifle in her arms. This offers 50 base harm and marks the targets it hits; focused enemies then take a assured 100 harm from the sniper and elevated harm from Vantage’s teammates.

Pretty a lot every little thing we learn about Vantage leaked beforehand. Her existence, inclusion in Season 14, and even her talents all slipped out early, however it’s good to have official affirmation at the very least. We additionally acquired a personality trailer simply after the leak that briefed us on who Vantage is from a narrative perspective. Her mom was additionally featured in that origin video earlier than narrating the newest trailer.

Apex Legends’ 14th season begins lower than per week from the discharge of Vantage’s character trailer: it kicks off on Tuesday, August 9. In addition to including Vantage herself, the brand new season will even improve the game’s general stage cap and revive Skull Town in Kings Canyon. We discovered beforehand that Vantage desires to hunt a Leviathan, the huge animal species that walks round Kings Canyon, so a retooling of that map could be very becoming. Season 14: Hunted will even deliver the same old Battle Pass, with a wholesome dose of latest skins and different cosmetics.