Loba and her Black Market Boutique

Image through Respawn

One of the inescapable realities of reside service video games is that giant content material updates include new bugs. In the case of Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors, it’s an outdated bug, and it’s one Loba gamers have been dreading for some time: her bracelet capability appears to not work correctly in sure components of the game’s maps. Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has been attempting to completely repair the bug for some time now with various levels of success, and it appears Season 13 will see that battle proceed.

Apex Legends gamers over on the game’s bustling subreddit have been reporting heaps and plenty of cases of Loba’s bracelet capability malfunctioning or just not activating in any respect. We lined Loba’s capability with a breakdown guide again when she launched, however that’s actually all it does: it breaks down. It appears the best way the flexibility operates within the game’s code simply doesn’t mesh nicely with the game’s maps, as a result of the bug just isn’t solely extra distinguished on sure maps, but it surely additionally tends to worsen after map updates. Naturally, as Season 13: Saviors adjustments the map rotation and introduces a slew of map adjustments, the bug is rearing its ugly head once more.

Respawn is normally fast to leap on stuff like this, and we count on a hotfix patch for Loba’s bracelet capability within the close to future. However, given how resilient this explicit bug has confirmed to be, it’s doable it’ll proceed to reappear throughout Season 13: Saviors as Apex Legends deploys its common map Takeover occasions.