Apex Legends Warriors event Control

Image through Respawn Entertainment

Cheating in Apex Legends isn’t new — Respawn Entertainment launched a report system only a month after the game launched to assist combat the follow. That doesn’t cease everybody although, and now it appears cheaters on PC have damaged via the boundaries of their very own platform.

Apex content material creator @Revngeful shared a clip of a such an incident on Twitter. While enjoying in a Predator-ranked match, @Revngeful is downed immediately, seemingly from an aim-bot. The opposing participant then performs a finisher after showing out of skinny air. Upon demise, the kill display screen reveals the hacker is enjoying on PC, as evidenced by the icon on their card. A response within the Twitter thread reveals the identical participant in one other game earlier than reportedly being banned within the closing moments.

Obviously, that is no good. Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors begins May 10, however the patch notes make no point out of pushes in opposition to cheaters. Funny sufficient, the checklist does embody a repair for unintentional purpose help round Bangalore’s smoke grenade, and that’s the Legend that downs @Revngeful within the Twitter clip. This is clearly an intentional hack although, so hopefully Respawn can examine additional.

In the meantime, Season 13 will introduce Newcastle, Bangalore’s brother, to Apex Legends. It additionally makes adjustments to Ranked mode and provides new factors of curiosity to the Storm Point map. The standard dose of weapon buffs and nerfs is a part of the patch too.