An Elden Ring modder has already overhauled the entire game “to make it more challenging”

Image through vanbuinen

Elden Ring shouldn’t be a straightforward game. It’s arduous sufficient simply to beat Margit the Fell Omen for some. A brand new Elden Ring mod is actually not for them, however it’s for gamers searching for a fair larger problem.

Elden Ring Ascended is obtainable in beta type on NexusMods. Creator vanbuinen makes it clear that solely sure gamers ought to download it although. “Warning: this mod is extremely hard,” their description states. “If you don’t like hard or unfair fights, don’t play this mod.” That’s fairly clear. For those that do want to dive in, vanbuinen provides some substantial modifications to Elden Ring’s present options. New results are connected to talismans, weapons, and armor, and armor’s results are particularly tweaked when altering clothes at a Site of Grace. Furthermore, enemies have new physics, AI, and standing debuffs on their assaults. When vanbuinen says the mod “overhauls the game to make it more challenging,” they’re not kidding.

Of course, the largest change for anybody utilizing this mod is that they’ll be enjoying the game offline. That’s a blanket rule for all Elden Ring mods, even for easy reskins like Link’s Master Sword and Hylian Shield. There’s nonetheless a lot of enjoyable available offline although, like turning the Tree Sentinel’s horse into Thomas the Tank Engine. The game is definitely fairly humorous, in spite of everything.