An Apex Legends bug is combining totally different Legends’ talents, with enjoyable outcomes

Image through Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted launched this week and appears to have introduced extra with it than a brand new playable character and content material updates. Players are reporting that the game is randomly giving their chosen character the skills of different random gamers. For instance, like within the picture beneath, Pathfinder utilizing Wraith’s Dimensional Rift final.

An Apex Legends bug is combining totally different Legends’ talents, with enjoyable outcomes
Image through Lone on YouTube

Other instances which were found are Newcastle taking part in like Gibraltar and Ash getting Loba’s teleportation bracelet. Everything appears to be operating simply effective when the gamers use these talents, even right down to their character utilizing the right animation that the unique individual would use. The game appears to be doing a bizarre palette swap with its characters randomly whenever you select originally of the game. Even although you’re selecting one character, the game is taking the package, voice traces, and skills from one other and making use of them to the pores and skin you may have geared up.

Unfortunately, nobody appears to have discovered a technique to assure this bug to occur; it’s utterly random after you select your legend. Given the chaotic nature of selecting a personality with explicit talents and getting one thing else, some gamers are enamored with this bug and are hoping Respawn Entertainment can spin it off into a singular limited-time mode for the longer term. Ideas thrown round appear to middle in your participant alternative being a roulette of types, where you don’t actually know who you’re selecting.

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Bugs aren’t solely unusual on the subject of large updates for season drops in reside service video games. Usually, the issues you run into can appear to stem from server points, however this one simply looks as if a random one-off factor that occurred within the update recordsdata. It is probably going that Respawn can have the problem mounted sooner relatively than later.