Goose Goose Duck
Goose Goose Duck

It takes about 0.4 seconds and you will realize that Goose Goose Duck is just a clone of Among Us. No, I’m not talking about Duck, Duck, Goose- this is the kid’s favorite kid’s game, it involves running in circles and occasional high-speed crashes. That game is very interesting and original.

On the other hand, “Goose, Goose and Duck” is just another clone game among many cloned games, aiming to capitalize on the huge success of “Among Us”. The general structure of the game is the same: you and up to 15 other players have a maze of ships in the same game and must complete different tasks to win.

However, some players secretly fight the team and try to assassinate everyone without getting caught. distortion? You are the fucking bird! In space! It makes no sense! It’s easy to condemn these counterfeit products because they are a painstaking attempt to put together another game, but I owe it to Goose Goose Duck Duck, because it includes some useful improvements to “Among Us.”

First of all, “Goose, Goose and Duck” can support up to 16 players, while “Among Us” currently only supports 10 players (future updates plan to increase this number to 15). There are also built-in voice communications and other modes, such as “hide and seek”. One thing that interests me is to mention optional characters like Dodo and “Transfiguration”, which looks like it could open up some interesting new strategies for imposters.

It’s free. If you have 16 friends desperately trying to play “Among Us” or if you really like birds for some reason, then it may be worth a visit.